Question about connecting Wekrel walk-through switches with backlight

Dan asks:
Good day! We have two passage switches. Connected in such a way that at two points you can turn on and off the light. Switches of the Werkel company with LED indicators and protection against blinking of lamps. And the problem is that, in the on position, this indicator is dimly lit on both switches. (the lamps themselves do not light up and the indicator lights up with absolutely any lamps). Question: How to resolve this disorder? And addition: the same switches installed according to the on and off circuit at the same point work as expected. That is, when the light is off, the indicator is on, and when the light is on, it goes out.
The answer to the question:
Good morning, I do not understand. LAMPS do not light up and in the ON state of the switch? What scheme did you connect them to? There are 2 options:

  1. The incoming phase is fed to the middle contact of one of the switches, the phase going to the lamp is connected to the middle contact of the second switch. Paired "output" contacts of the switches are interconnected.
  2. Phase and zero are connected to two “output” contacts of each of the switches, and a lamp is connected between the middle contacts of the switch.

It is necessary to assemble according to the first scheme, and then everything should work as it should. But this is provided that the backlight is connected between the output contacts of the switches, it also happens that the backlight is installed between the output and middle contacts. Where on your “Verkel” I don’t know, I couldn’t find the responsible information, I personally did not work with them.


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