Question about the safety of wiring and the shield in the apartment

Elena asks:
Hello. I beg you to prompt and give advice. We bought the apartment already renovated, we live a month, the apartment has a designer renovation. They called an electrician about light bulbs and accidentally found out that the main cable with a cross section of 4 mm2 was coming from the shield to the house, also there were no circuit breakers on the wires in the shield on some wires, and there was a 2.5 copper wire to the kitchen from the machines and they were connected to it an oven and a refrigerator on a 25 C machine. We checked by turning off this machine, neither the stove, nor the oven, nor the refrigerator worked. On the dashboard of the entryway, they installed automatic machines 50 C, 40C. To hold a new wire in the house is a big problem, the repair is done and everything is hidden. How much is everything critical and dangerous?
The answer to the question:
Hello! I do not understand, why lay a new wire? And how is it not automatic? Those. directly connected somehow? How exactly are connected?

Perhaps the electrician wanted to offer you to install a “cool and reliable shield” and he is partly right, but if you already have a 2.5 sq. Cable laid. mm to sockets - it is protected by an automatic machine at 16A, and this is enough, but not at all at 25A. And what kind of machines on the landing and why are there two of them? I believe that one is introductory and the other is on an electric stove? In any case, a competent wiring diagram involves breaking down the rooms into groups and connecting to individual circuit breakers.

In general, you need to watch how you have made an electrical panel. The minimum that you can do without much interference in the network is to put a 16A machine on sockets. And during the repair, you will already be thinking about a modern wiring diagram.
Yes, and a 40A automatic machine on a wire of 4 square meters. mm at the input - a bit too much. I recommend putting 32A.



  • Elena

    Good afternoon. Thanks for the answer. I am enclosing a photo of the shield on the landing. Q143 is ours and where the arrow is ours too. For some reason, one bipolar 50 A (where the arrow) is connected to it, he connected a blue wire, which everyone connects on top of the separation. In the apartment itself there are automatic machines, the first is 40A, the others are 25 and 16 A. There is no RCD on the stove, oven and refrigerator. I would be grateful if you tell me.

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    • Admin

      I did not understand what the machines on the site are responsible for? What does the phrase mean: "for some reason, he connected a blue wire to it, which everyone connects on top of the separation"?

      Where connected and where? Top to what? Why are there two and why is one at 40 and the other at 50A? I think one of the machines on the apartment, and the second on the electric stove. Do you have an electric stove? Why is it on the same machine with an oven (that's okay) and with a refrigerator, the electric stove should be connected to a separate machine with a cable with a cross-section of no less than 6 square meters. mm

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  • Elena

    You asked so many questions, if I knew the answers to them, I would not ask you. I attached a photo of the corridor shield. Why there are two machines, I do not know.There is a wire of 4 mm cross section into the apartment, from it in the apartment itself (there is a shield) there is a wire to the 2.5 mm cross-section plate and is protected by a 25 A circuit breaker (goes to the oven, stove, refrigerator). What in the hallway shield I myself did not understand. I looked on the Internet and only found it looked like the blue wire should be on the bus (it seems so), and he connected it to the machine. If you can make out his mistakes from the photo, I will be grateful.

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