The water heater and boiler warm the water for a long time, will the installation of a voltage stabilizer help?

Good afternoon. Private house, on the input copper cable 5 wires 16mm2 3 phases. All wiring around the house is copper, the load on the house is 15kW, the opening machine is 32A. The main consumers are a 9 kW heating boiler, 3 kW total floor heating, 2 kW water heater, 5 kW sauna. The phase voltage walks from 190 to 205 volts.


The water heater and heating boiler go to the set temperature mode for a very long time, compared with the initial period of operation about 2 years ago, but before I did not measure the voltage in the network. Can I solve the problem by installing a three-phase 30kW stabilizer at the input to the house and will it give me the opportunity to use a large load in the house?


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    Hello! You have a 32A input, in three phases - this is 21 kW in total, installing a stabilizer will not allow you to use a larger load, but it will probably solve the problem with low voltage. But keep in mind that with increasing voltage in the house with the help of a stabilizer, the current along the lead-in wires will increase and the line may sag even more. Therefore, the installation of a stabilizer is not a hundred percent panacea in this case.

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