The included refrigerator interferes with the operation of the router and speakers

Hello! Each time the refrigerator turns on and off (old, 70s of the last century), music speakers make a click and the Internet “stumbles”. Obviously, the router is receiving a negative impact from the mains. Please explain the nature of this impact and how to escape from it. The option “present a refrigerator to the trash” is not yet suitable, although it looms on the horizon. Thank!


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    Hello! A common situation. You need to try to power the equipment (speakers and router) from a normal surge protector. If it does not help, go higher - an uninterruptible power supply or a voltage regulator. No more options.
    Although there is. You can replace the compressor with another one. Well, or, which is cheaper, replace its starting relay, maybe it "delays" the start. No more options. I myself observed the same situation, only my mouse "reconnected" to the computer.

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