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Electricians often install new electric lines and supporting structures, as well as transport large volumes of cable products. And you have to work with different brands of conductors. They can contain as one conductive core without insulation or with it, or maybe a dozen wires covered with a shield or armor, and their cross-sectional area can be from fractions of a square. mm to hundreds. Therefore, in many cases, you need to know how to calculate the weight of a cable or wire. This is especially important when lines are long and vertical.

There are two options for calculating weight:

  1. Do it manually. To do this, use the tables where the weight of a particular brand of cable products is indicated in kilograms per meter or per kilometer. This method is inconvenient if you want to quickly get the result.
  2. Calculate cable weight by section and length online using a special calculator.

To do this, you first determine the brand of the conductor - it can be indicated on the outer cover, or recognize by its structure:

  • Core material (aluminum or copper).
  • Type of insulation (vinyl, rubber, ftoroplast, etc.).
  • Number of cores and their cross section.

The calculation is ultimately carried out according to the meter and cross-section of the veins, according to the reference data, the mass of a particular segment of the line is determined.

An online calculator for calculating cable weight is provided below:

Cable brand
Cable length (m)
Drum type
Total weight 0,00

If the task is to determine the weight of the wire with the drum, specify this item in the input data of the online calculator. At the same time, a certain amount of wire is placed on the drum, depending on its size. You can’t say exactly how much, it also depends on the cross-sectional area and the number of cores.

The calculator has data on many options and cross-sections of power cables or wires. For calculations, you need to select the appropriate option, enter the length of the product and indicate whether to consider the presence of a drum. You can check the result obtained online, manually. Below is the formula for this:

Formula for calculating cable weight

As you can see, this is not convenient and will take a lot of time. Thus, it is possible to determine the approximate remainder of the cable from the current mass, but there are other, more reliable methods for this.

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