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    Hello! Error F4 can be removed by running the test mode. It turns on with certain nuances. Personally, I did not encounter such a malfunction of the hob, but consulted with colleagues. You need to enter the test mode, after which the error itself should be erased. To log in, follow these steps:
    1. Press on / off.
    2. Wait until the temperature selection slider turns on.
    3. Gently set the maximum temperature, then the minimum.
    You must be in test mode. However, for different models, the test mode is turned on in its own way. For example, on some hobs you need to turn on the power, hold down the “+” and “-” sensors at the same time for 4 seconds, then select the S1P0 value with the same sensors and press the lock.

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    • Teymur

      Entering the test mode does not solve the problem, but only exacerbates the fact that, f4 in this case means there is no communication with the control module, which means that the power supply protection has burned down, and this error will return, since the stove does not work forever in test mode will, it’s worth turning off and turning on the machine and the stove coming out of the test is blocked, so it’s better to repair,

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    Hello. Help me please. Ariston panel model SVK66SS yesterday issued F4. I off then on the network. Now the error is tt 02. What is it? Where to poke further?

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  • wavan

    Is that accurate?

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  • Tatyana

    Knocked out a knife switch in the apartment. Cut it again.
    The Gorenje cooker worked after that without any problems.
    F4 has disappeared.

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  • Marina

    Good evening!
    Help me please!
    The Gorenje SVK61 electric hob, after brief heating to incomplete power 7 of the lower left comfort, turns off and starts blinking, showing error F on all four comforts. It does not respond to buttons, only after turning off the network comes to its senses. But with further cooking, it is at this comfort that the error repeats. Thanks in advance.

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  • Nikolay

    Useful thanks

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  • Andrew

    Cooking hotpoint KIA 640 error F 04 what to do

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