In the evening, he knocked out a difavtomat, in the morning everything works

On Saturday evening, electricity was lost only in sockets. I looked at the difavtomat - knocked out, turned it on - knocked out. He pulled all consumers from all outlets, turned on - knocks out. I took apart all the sockets and examined the wires and their fastening. Without comments. I turn on the difavtomat with empty outlets - it knocks out. Lying at home the new ABB difavtomat, connected correctly, knocks everything until the morning. In the morning at 6 o’clock I decided to turn it on, all the sockets are working. Replaced ABB on the old one, which stood -all works. House new repair all around, what to think?


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    If the difavtomat turns off immediately, then in this case there may be either a current leak or a short circuit. If another, the new diflavomat also knocks out, then there really is a problem in the wiring. A new house under repair is not an indication that the wiring is in good condition. It is possible that an error was made during the installation of the wiring, and as a result of this, you have a malfunction somewhere. Invite a specialist to assess the general condition of the wiring, the correspondence of the cable sections to the loads on each of the lines.

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