What is the advantage of sockets and switches of the LK60 series?

Today we will talk about wiring accessories of the LK60 series. First of all, I would like to note that the products have many positive reviews on the Internet due to the good build quality and lower price segment. As for the other advantages of sockets and switches of the LK60 series, we would like to highlight the following:

  1. Safety. In addition to ordinary sockets and switches, options with protective covers are offered - an option usually presented in expensive series. In addition, the developers took care of introducing protection against short-circuit currents in dimmers and sensors.Socket with protective cover
  2. Multifunctionality. Choosing the LK60 models, you can easily install up to 5 elements in one block. This is very convenient when installing electrical wiring in the kitchen or in the hall. In addition, the company provided a very wide selection of functionality, colors and materials - from key switches and switches, to dimmers and temperature controllers for underfloor heating. Original color schemes such as black velvet, pine and metallic silver. As for materials, the frames can be made of glass, stone and even natural wood.Assortment of goods
  3. Consistent quality. The products of the LK60 series have been on the market for more than eight years and managed to gain the trust of many customers.
  4. Convenient order on the Internet with delivery. You can buy sockets and switches LK60 in the online store quickly and without much difficulty. The site even provides a video instruction that details how to place an order.Three-button light switch

As you can see, these wiring accessories from the lower price segment are quite consistent with the performance of expensive "elite" series. So why pay more if a domestic manufacturer provides decent quality?

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  • Alexei

    Installed at home, then - at the cottage and in the office. Reviews are only positive - LK60 sockets and switches in the apartment for five years, they have not lost their appearance, they work perfectly!

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