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Good day. In general, an amplifier was purchased for a car. I put it in storage in the stoker, but during the accident the stoker was flooded and the amplifier was immersed in water for at least half, and lay there for 1 to 2 hours, as soon as I found it, I immediately pulled it out, pulled it out packaging, put it in an upright position, so that the glass of water, after about 20 minutes, wiped it externally, and put it in a wooden box (from the same amplifier, they are delivered in boxes). Rice was previously scattered at the bottom of the box, where it lay for about 30 hours.

Question: should I take it apart (violating the warranty) in order to wipe the entire board and all contacts with alcohol? And will he even work after that? Without any power loss? And also 1 car subwoofer was flooded, it stood on a reel (in a box), but I unfortunately could not put it in rice, (it ended). From the subwoofer there was only a magnet in the water (50-60 mm high) at the bottom of the magnetic system there are ventilation holes. When I took it out, water also flowed out of it, could something happen to him? I set it for drying at an angle of 45 degrees, in a warm room.

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    In any case, the warranty does not apply to your amplifier. Flooding is a non-warranty case. He did not drown himself, but through the fault of the buyer. What power losses can be due to flooding? Yes, you need to disassemble it in order to check the board for oxides and clean the contaminants.
    But what about the subwoofer, is the question if the coil is wet? There will be nothing to the magnet from the water, and even after drying the coil, there will also be nothing. The main thing is that its body does not deteriorate.
    In your case, there is only one advice - dry, clean and use.

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