Is it possible to equalize the potentials of electric oven and gas stove?

Vyacheslav asks:
Hello. On the body of the electric oven Electrolux (about 10 years), the voltage is 90-100 V. Next to it is a built-in gas stove. When you accidentally touch both surfaces with your hands, it is shocking. The apartment of the 70s, grounding, as such, is absent. The gas plug does not have a ground contact. The question is: is it possible to equalize the potentials on both devices and is it fraught with a gas explosion, etc.? I would be grateful for the answer.
The answer to the question:
Hello! If you make grounding and a normal potential equalization system, then you can! If you just want to connect the body of the gas stove and the electric oven, then you can’t.

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