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Hello. I decided at the cottage to use the one-button power off scenario using the BroadLink SC1 WiFi power controller, which should supply power to the control coil of the KME contactor small 32A 220V 1NO EKF PROxima. But when SC1 was directly connected to the coil of the contactor, SC1 did not always work, it seemed that SC1 did not like something. I put between them a solid-state relay FOTEK SSR-25A 80-250 V AC 24-380 V AC, the contactor began to operate clearly, but in two weeks the second coil of the contactor burned out. Can supply an intermediate electromagnetic relay and how to protect the relay and contactor windings? Thank.


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    Hello! I do not think that the contactor coil life will change depending on the type of relay. However, this way you eliminate the effect of a solid state relay. The question remains, what are you protecting the windings from? What voltage do you feed the coil? What is the mains voltage? In the normal case, when the coil is supplied with rated voltage, it should not burn.
    There are two options left:
    1. The problem associated with the quality of the coils.
    2. The problem associated with the obstructed movement of the starter armature - check the progress of the magnetic system.

    By the way, the BroadLink SC1 WiFi relay withstands currents up to 10 Amps, which allows you to power any of the electromagnetic starters or contactors I know. Try your system paired with another starter. And by the way, as far as I know, the output of such wi-fi relays is relay, which is ideal for your tasks.
    From the characteristics of the starter - the rated voltage of the control circuit is Us, AC 50Hz 184 ... 253 V, which suggests that the coil should not burn out even at high voltage.

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