Extension of self-regulating heating cable

Hello. A heating cable is mounted on a cold water pipe (brought to the house, laid in a trench and filled up). It is not taken into account a little to heat the pipe in the well itself. How can I extend the self-regulating cable?

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    The self-regulating heating cable has this design - a PVC sheath, a grounding outer sheath, an additional insulation layer, two copper current-carrying conductors and a special heating layer between them. To lengthen the heating cable, you need to carefully strip the cores, it is better to make connections with the help of sleeves and crimping them. You can isolate them with electrical tape, carefully insulating the sleeves. Shrink insulation is worn on top of the wire and the insulation. This must be approached responsibly, paying attention to quality and preventing moisture from entering the insulation. The free end of the cable must also be insulated with heat shrinkage by shortening one of the ends of the carrier core to avoid short circuit. In this way, you can increase the self-regulating cable of the warm floor.

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