Typical wiring diagram in a 3-room apartment

We recently reviewed wiring diagram in a two-room apartment, now for your attention a more complex project will be provided - for three-room housing with a loggia. Immediately draw your attention to the fact that this is just an example of a drawing. On your design scheme for apartment wiring, you can change the number of sockets with switches or change their location.

So, first we will provide a ready-made wiring diagram in a three-room apartment, after which we will talk a little about some important points regarding this issue. A modern project for wiring rooms is as follows:Wiring diagram in a three-room apartment

This 3-room housing project may seem a little incomprehensible to you, so let's look at some of the main points.

  1. Each room must have its own junction box, from which wires are output to the switch, lamp and sockets. For reasons of electrical safety, the junction box of the bathroom should be carried out into the corridor.
  2. Three outlets in the kitchen should be installed above the countertop to connect a microwave, kettle and any other kitchen appliance (crock-pot, toaster or blender). One more opposite - to connect the refrigerator to the mains. In your own wiring diagram in a three-room apartment, you can design more outlets if, for example, you need to connect an extractor hood, hob or dishwasher.
  3. Electricity is not output to the loggia, as not every landlord needs this. If you need pass the light to the balcony, route the cable from the junction box of the bedroom, which is the adjoining room.
  4. Since the height of the installation of outlets in Khrushchev is not standardized by GOSTs and rules PUE, in your scheme you can place them as you like, the main thing is that it is convenient and safe. Read more about placing outlets in the apartment in the article: https://my.electricianexp.com/en/pravilnoe-raspolozhenie-rozetok-v-kvartire.html.
  5. We recommend that you create a drawing on a photocopy of the plan of a three-room apartment of a panel or brick house. In this document, all room sizes are observed according to the actual ones, which will make it possible to easily mark the walls when installing electrical wiring.
  6. Be sure to output several groups of wires for lighting and sockets from the distribution panel. For example, one lighting group will be responsible for the light in the toilet, living room and kitchen (in the diagram the left wing). The second group will serve the lighting line in the bedroom, bathroom and nursery. Similarly, “break down” the load for the outlet group of wires. This version of the wiring diagram in a three-room apartment will allow, when repairing wiring (for example, replacing a light switch or a chandelier), to leave electricity in some rooms. About how to divide the wiring into groups, read the article: https://my.electricianexp.com/en/kak-razdelit-elektroprovodku-na-gruppy.html.
  7. Do not forget to indicate the exact location of the fixtures on the ceiling in the diagram.About how to arrange ceiling lights, we described in detail in the article: https://my.electricianexp.com/en/pravila-razmeshheniya-svetilnikov-na-potolke.html.

In addition, when drawing up the wiring diagram, it is important to correctly design the switchboard and select the appropriate protective automation that will be installed in it. In the video below, one of the options for assembling a shield in a three-room apartment is considered:

That's all I wanted to tell you about how to make an electrical diagram of the apartment wiring. We hope that the provided standard wiring project in a 3-room apartment of a panel house was useful for you!

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    “Each room must have its own junction box” WHY ??? you can do well without these remnants of the “scoop” constantly spoiling the appearance!

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    • Alexei

      Will you lay wires for light bulbs, switches and sockets from the electrical panel on the landing? Or is there wireless technology in your favorite “pindostan”?

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      • Alexei

        You in your “shoveling” world along the way did not even hear about apartment panels.

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        • Vet

          I wonder how the junction box differs from the apartment board?

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  • Alex

    Boxes are indispensable. Their number can be reduced, but without them in any way. Saving in resources. Boxes need to be mounted correctly. Then they are completely invisible after the repair of the apartment.

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