Technical characteristics of the AVBBSHV cable

The AVBBSHV cable has established itself as a very strong, durable and relatively inexpensive type of conductor that can be used in difficult conditions. Next, we will consider the questions you are most interested in: the scope, decoding, and technical specifications of the AVBBSHV cable. We will also provide advice on choosing the best manufacturer so that you do not become a victim of a fake.

How to decipher the marking?

Photo of an armored aluminum conductor

So, the decoding of the cable marking AVBBSHV is as follows:

  • A - aluminum conductors;
  • B - PVC core insulation (heat-resistant plastic);
  • B - armored, with protection represented by two steel tapes;
  • b - there is no protective cushion between the armor and current-carrying conductors;
  • Joint - the outer shell of a extruded hose, the material of which is polyvinyl chloride.

As you can see, the protective cover is quite reliable, which allows you to lay a line without additional rodent protection and mechanical damage.

Design Features

The design of the cable AVBBSHV is represented by the following elements:Product design


  1. Current-carrying vein from aluminum (there can be from 1 to 5). The vein can be either single-wire or multi-wire.
  2. Insulating layer of PVC plastic. As you can see in the picture, the insulation has color markingcomplying with GOST standards.
  3. Additional belt insulation represented by PVC tape.
  4. An armor layer of two steel tapes.
  5. Bitumen protective cover (applied if the cross section is more than 6 mm2).
  6. Layer of electrical insulating polyethylene terephthalate film (also applicable if diameter is over 6 mm2).
  7. The outer sheath of the power cable is AVBBSHV from a PVC hose.
Video product design overview

terms of Use

Another, no less important point, which needs to be addressed in more detail. In order for the conductor to serve you for more than one year (and as the manufacturer claims, this figure can reach 30 years), we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following operating conditions for the AVBBSHV cable:

  • operating temperature from -50 to +50aboutWITH;
  • the maximum allowable temperature for heating current-carrying conductors is not more than 70aboutWITH;
  • maximum temperature lived at short circuit – 160aboutC (with a duration of not more than 5 seconds);
  • temperature of electrical work not lower than -15aboutWITH;
  • frequency of alternating electric current 50 Hz;
  • rated voltage of 660 V and 1000 V;
  • cable insulation AVBBSHV does not spread combustion during a single installation (according to IEC 60332-1);
  • the service life of the product is 30 years, and the warranty period is 5 years;
  • the duration of emergency operation is not more than 8 hours per day, while for the entire service life the time should not exceed 1000 hours.

As you can see, the technical characteristics of the AVBBSHV cable do not have any special restrictions on the temperature regime, so it can be used without any problems for both industrial and domestic purposes.

In more detail you can find a description of the characteristics (cross section, outer diameter and weight) in the table:Weight and cross section (round cores)Weight and cross section (sector veins)

Voltage characteristics

Application area

Well, one of the questions you are most interested in: where is this type of electric cable used.Appearance

According to the standards, the scope of AVBBSHV is as follows:

  • climate: tropical, dry, temperate;
  • explosion and fire hazardous premises;
  • areas of high humidity - collector, tunnel, shaft, etc., and the track can be either horizontal or inclined;
  • in air, if there is a risk of mechanical damage to the power line;
  • in the ground, only if the cable is not subjected to tensile forces during operation.

As you can see, the field of application of AVBBShv is quite extensive and does not have significant restrictions. We draw your attention to a very important nuance: if the marking contains the letter "T" (tropical), then the product has increased resistance to mold damage.

As for domestic use, the power cable AVBBSHV has very well established itself for the underground laying of the line to the house (as shown in the photo). Despite the fact that the wires of the product are aluminum (they try not to use them because of fragility), the conductor is popular with installation of electrical wiring in the house and in the country. High demand is associated with the low cost of the product. Unlike the more reliable copper counterpart - VBBSHV, aluminum is 3-4 times cheaper, which saves a decent amount of money.Electrical work in the ground

If you decide to use this cable option in your own electrical wiring, be sure to calculation of cable cross-section by power and currentso that the cores can withstand current loads from electrical appliances.

How to avoid becoming a victim of a fake?

So, the last of the points that I would like to dwell on in more detail is the choice of a high-quality manufacturer of armored cable type AVBBSHV. Today, there are many companies involved in the production of electrical products, including current conductors. The problem is that a considerable part of them save on material, which affects indicators such as actual core size and quality of materials.

For example, if according to your calculations you need a cable with a minimum cross section of 16 mm2, it’s not a fact that you buy a product with exactly that value. In most cases, the core diameter is 10-15% less, which negatively affects the permissible current loads. As a result, after wiring, the wiring may fail, short circuit, and as a result labor-intensive repair work.Diameter of current-carrying conductors

To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you give preference to high-quality cable manufacturers AVBBSHV, which are recommended in many forums and which, in turn, have a lot of positive reviews.

Among such manufacturers should be highlighted:

  1. Kolchuginsky Plant
  2. Amur cable factory
  3. Power cable
  4. Sevcable
  5. Pskovkabel

In addition, we recommend that you check the goods yourself before buying, using one of the methods core diameter determination. If the values ​​correspond and the appearance of the cable is not in doubt, you can safely buy it.

That's all I wanted to tell about the conditions of use, manufacturers and technical specifications of the AVBBSHV cable. We hope that the information was interesting and useful for you.

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