Technical characteristics of aluminum cable AAShv

Aluminum cables are deservedly popular due to their electrical characteristics, reliability, and, importantly, light weight. In this article, we consider the technical characteristics of the AAShv cable, as well as its scope and the best manufacturers.

How is the label deciphered?

AAShv cable brand is deciphered as follows:

  • A - current-carrying conductors are made of aluminum.
  • A - armor / shell made of aluminum.
  • Shv - an external isolation the pressed protective hose from polyvinylchloride.

We draw your attention to the fact that there are modifications of the conductor: TsAAShv, in which the insulation is made of non-leaking impregnated composition, as well as the ASHSv brand, in which the shell is made of lead, not aluminum.


AAShv cable device is presented as follows:

  • conductors made of aluminum;
  • separate numbered or colored insulation of cores;
  • impregnated paper insulating layer;
  • paper belt insulation;
  • shielding tape;
  • aluminum shell;
  • polyvinyl chloride insulation layer;
  • PVC sheath, outer layer hose.

This brand has a non-combustible, flame retardant layer. May consist of one, three or four cores. You can see the section AAShv in the picture below:

What a conductor consists of

The video clearly shows the aluminum conductor device:

Design Overview

main parameters

So, to make the information more comfortable, we provided all the technical characteristics of the AAShv cable in the tables. Initially, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the operating voltage, the minimum bending radius, the service life and other important parameters of the conductor:Parameters

We also bring to your attention a table of cable cross-sections of the AAShv brand, its construction length and weight in kg per km:

Section table

Application area

AAShv cable is used for industrial and residential complex in temperate and cold climates. It can be used for laying in the ground and over the air, as well as in the following conditions:

  1. Soil with low and moderate corrosivity.
  2. Cable channels.
  3. Damp and partially flooded rooms.
  4. Flyovers and bridges.

Photo AAShv

Also, the conductor is used in those places where the possibility of stretching and damage to the insulation during operation is excluded. The purpose of the modification of the cable ЦААШв is laying on elevations and vertically.


The main manufacturers of AASh cable are:

  • LLC "Kamsky Cable";
  • CJSC Moskabel Plant;
  • LLC TD Unkomteh.

These manufacturers are one of the highest quality today, but we recommend to beware of fakes. Very often, cable products of even the most famous manufacturers are faked, which entails a reduction in service life and deterioration of technical characteristics.Purchase cable products only from trusted suppliers, as well as in stores that have all the necessary certificates.


By the way, the analogs of AAShv are AAShng, AAShp, ASShvng and their modifications!

So we examined all the most basic technical characteristics of the AAShv brand cable. We hope the description provided was interesting and useful for you!

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