Schemes for connecting RGB LED strip to the network

We recently examined how to connect rgb led strip to the mains. Now we will consider a more in-depth issue - the choice of a suitable circuit for connecting elements in a circuit. Today for lighting in the interior use 5-meter sections, the total length of which does not exceed 20 m, so we will consider each of the connection options with an amplifier and controller.


5 m

The simplest and least expensive option is to connect a tape up to 5 meters long. In this case, you can do without an amplifier and an additional 12V power supply. All you need is 1 PSU of suitable power, an RGB controller and the LED material itself. So, the connection diagram of a multicolor ribbon of 5 meters is as follows:Controller and PSU connection

This option is rarely used due to the small length of the conductor. It is recommended to use it if you need to carry out the original lighting on the balcony.

10 m

Such a length will be enough to illuminate the perimeter of a small room, for example, a corridor. If the power of the tape is not too large, you can connect two segments in parallel to one power supply and the controller. The main thing is that the power of the latter was higher than two lamps. To your attention, the connection scheme for RGB LED strip up to 10 meters:Parallel connection

If you bought a powerful tape (more than 60 led per meter), you will have to install it to the amplifier and an additional power supply. In this case, the project will look like this:Installation via amplifier

15 m

With such a length of the tape can not do without an additional RGB amplifier and power supply. It is recommended to choose devices of high enough power to be enough for servicing two segments. A typical RGB LED strip connection scheme of not more than 15 meters is as follows:Backlight with two power supplies

This length will be enough to create hidden ceiling lights either mounting lighting in the kitchen.

20 m

Well, the last, most difficult option is to connect a multi-color ribbon up to 20 meters long. Here we recommend using the following connection diagram, with two power supplies and an amplifier:The project of 4 segments

If you choose the right power parameter for all the components of the circuit, the backlight will work for a long time and without problems! If the length of the materials is even longer (30, 35 meters, etc.), you need to act in the same spirit - add amplifiers and power supplies. You can clearly see the connection process in the video below:

How to connect wires

That's all the most popular schemes for connecting an RGB tape with an amplifier and a controller to a 220 V network! Choose the most suitable option and proceed to the wire connection. There is nothing complicated in the installation work, as you can see from the article that we referred to at the very beginning!

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  • Alexander

    Hello.My question is: are there any restrictions on the length of the wires from the power supply to the controller and from the controller to the RGB tape itself?

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    • Admin

      Hello! As for any restrictions, I have not met them. From experience, I can say that the power supply is always placed next to the controller. From the controller to the tape 3 meters, you can make the length, this was practiced, I can not say about the greater distance. And what is your distance and what is the reason for this?

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  • Alexander

    32 glass shelves illuminated around the perimeter with RGB tape, are arranged in a chaotic manner above the bar counter around the perimeter of the bar counter. It’s not realistic to hide power supplies and amplifiers on the shelves. + 2 controllers (2 groups respectively). I think 3 meters will be enough.

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  • Sergei

    Why several PSUs if there is one on 30A? Such a circuit will not work: PSU at 30A> rgb controller> 12A amplifier> 16 meters of RGB tape? Thank.

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  • Max

    Sergey, I think that the current will not reach the amplifier, you will have to use a thick wire, more than 0.75 cross-section

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