Scheme for replacing wiring in a private house

Ksenia asks:
Good afternoon! We change the wiring in a private house. We drew a diagram for half the house. Tell me, please, is everything right? Maybe something superfluous? Thanks in advance!

Circuit board


The answer to the question:
Hello! With UZM-51 it is more careful. There is evidence backed up by arguments, for example from the YouTube channel Perm Perm, that they had two defective batches made in August and October. In parallel with it (bypassing) put the bypass machine (well, that is, just connect the machine to the same wire in parallel). This is in case of failure, so that you simply turn on the bypass and you again have a light. And why do you protect only the car with UZMkoy? If you are afraid of high voltage - put a voltage relay.

Of course, the device is a good one, the idea is cool, but the latest marriage news is upsetting and we cannot but say this in the answer to your question.

Changing the wiring in a private house? So make the grounding, otherwise in a month you’ll come here with the question “why is it shocking,” “why is the computer phoning”, etc. We highly recommend doing this. Well, the electrical panel will slightly change - a grounding bus will be added next to the zero and they will be interconnected, read more in the article -

Otherwise, everything seems to be fine.


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