Assembly diagram of a three-phase electrical panel for a two-room apartment

Timothy asks:
Good afternoon. Having bought an apartment, the terrible wiring immediately caught my eye. All wires are aluminum, white, which smoke when you turn on the kettle. Moreover, the electrical panel is assembled on old traffic jams and mounting foam.

The apartment wiring has already begun to be done, but it was customary to install an electrical panel now along with the lead-in wire. Then, upon installation, new wires will be connected to pre-prepared machines. We have a small apartment of 42 squares with 2 rooms, in which we live and simultaneously make repairs.

Three-phase wiring without grounding. At the entrance there is a common electrical panel where there is an introductory 3-pole circuit breaker of IEK 32A. I plan to collect everything at Hager. But I can not decide on the plan of the electrical panel and I doubt that I designed it correctly.

Briefly about the shield itself, an entrance automatic 32A is installed in the entrance from which the wires to the apartment go to the counter. From it goes wiring to a three-phase voltage relay, and from it to a three-pole circuit breaker. From it, from one phase there is a branch to an unconnected line, where through an ouzo there is an automatic machine for light in the corridor and a refrigerator. There is an idea to power the UZO NL from the voltage relay by protecting it with a 32A single-pole circuit breaker. The general line after the 3-pole circuit breaker goes further - each phase has its own ouzo.

The answer to the question:
Hello! In principle, the scheme is correct, but it’s not clear why the “black” phase with your LV comes out and doesn’t it come to 3P? Just mistaken when drawing? Regarding the idea - yes. It will be more reliable to take with a voltage relay or the upper terminals of a common 3-pole circuit breaker. After all, if some kind of emergency occurs in the apartment, the group machine may not work, then the general machine will disconnect the “non-disconnected” lines.


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