Connection scheme for spotlights

As you already know, depending on the conditions of use, LED lamps must work from a safe or standard voltage in the network. The safe voltage is 12 volts, it is usually used to illuminate the inspection hole in the garage, as well as during installation bathroom lighting and a bathhouse. With a standard 220 Volts, almost all chandeliers and sconces work in residential premises. Now we will consider the connection schemes for spotlights on 220V and 12V.

Spotlights Ceiling Light

If you decide to connect the light in the living room, bedroom or in the kitchen, then use 12-volt bulbs does not make sense, because for this you will need to buy a special step-down transformer (220V it converts to 12V).

In this case, the connection diagram for spotlights with grounding is as follows:The correct scheme for installing spotlights 220V

If several groups of LEDs are usedfixtures (for example, to illuminate a multi-level hl ceiling), it is recommended that each one be controlled separately using a double switch.

In this case, the LEDs will be connected to one switch according to the following diagram:Scheme of connecting two groups to the network

Regarding the use of 12-volt spotlights, in this case, it is necessary to convert 220V variables to 12V constant. To do this, you need to purchase a power supply that is installed directly in front of the lamps themselves.

We draw your attention to the fact that the transformer must be installed after the light switch, and not in front of it. Also, a very important nuance is that the power of this product should be higher than the total power of the ceiling diodes. For example, if the total lamp power is 50 watts, the power supply should be 70 watts.

To your attention the scheme of parallel connection of three spotlights through a transformer:Correct wiring via step-down transformer

One more nuance should be noted right there. The greater the power of the transformer, the correspondingly larger its dimensions. As a rule, this device is placed next to the LEDs (in the ledge of a suspended or suspended ceiling). It is clear that when servicing a group of lamps with a total power of about 300 watts, you will have to buy a rather large device, the placement of which may cause difficulties. In this case, it is recommended to “break down” the light sources into several groups and for each install its own power supply.

The electrical circuit will look like:Installation diagram of several groups of spotlights through a 220 / 12V transformer

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the connection scheme. The main thing is to properly fasten the wires together. We provided detailed photo and video installation instructions in the form of 9 tips forinstallation of spotlights do it yourself.

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