Connection scheme for spotlights and sconces in the corridor

Ksenia asks:
Hello, question. The apartment has a crazy turn-on system in the hallway. There are 2 types of lighting in the corridor, 4 spotlights and 6 wall sconces. All wiring in the wall and ceiling.

There are 2 keys. One includes both point and 4 sconces, the second rest sconces, but only when the first key is turned on. It doesn’t work separately. The question is whether it is possible to make one turn on these two sconces, regardless of the first, or does one key include only point sconces, the second only sconces. So that the walls are intact?

In a word, the fever of a drunken crazy electrician. Although it may be the ideologist of this scheme.

The answer to the question:
Hello! Most likely he connected the phase to the second key with a jumper from the first. You need to rearrange the jumper, that is, apply the “incoming” phase to the second key. In any case, you need to remove the switch and watch. To make the second option proposed to you, you will already need to reconnect all the sconces in one group in the distribution box (if any).

The correct connection diagram is described here.


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