Connection scheme for a 380 volt outlet

3-phase sockets are used to power powerful electrical appliances and installations. In everyday life, they can be installed in order to connect a powerful welding machine, engine or machine in the garage or at the cottage. Of course, for such consumers it is necessary that the home power supply network be in 3 phases. Next, we will consider a typical connection scheme for a three-phase 32 A socket with grounding.

If you disassemble the case, then at the back you can see 5 screw clamps for wires, as in the photo below.

Visual rear view

Each terminal has its own mark: L1, L2, L3 - phases, N - zero, PE - grounding. When you connect the wires, the main thing is not to interchange the contacts. Better before connecting, read again color coded wires. The connection diagram for an electric three-phase outlet at 380 Volts is as follows:


In the video you can clearly see the installation process of such a product:

How to connect a 3-phase "electric point" to the network?

How to connect a 3-phase "electric point" to the network?

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    Is it possible to connect two sockets for 380v from one wire?

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