Connection diagram socket - switch - bulb

So, for example, you drew wiring diagram in the apartment and laid wires to the distribution boxes. Now it is necessary to separate the cable from one box to the lamps, socket group and switches.

The main thing here is not to confuse the conductors, so as not to happen short circuit. The connection is pretty simple:

  • the input phase is connected together with the phase of the socket and the switch (in due time from the keys the phase goes further to the light bulb);
  • the input zero, in fact, like the “ground”, is connected to a socket and a lamp (it can be a chandelier or another lamp).

It is best to see the correct installation on the provided wiring diagram of the socket, lamp and switch:

Connection diagram socket-switch-bulb

We draw your attention to the fact that the highest quality method for connecting wires in a junction box - WAGO terminals (indicated in the picture). They are inexpensive and easy to use.

The video below demonstrates how to connect all 3 elements together:

That's the whole electrical circuit for connecting the socket, switch and bulb in one junction box. We hope the information was accessible and useful for you!

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  • Arev Shatunts

    Can someone clearly and intelligently explain to me why the lamp (sconce, chandelier, etc.) has a ground wire ???

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    • Victor

      I think that the chandelier has a metal structure that is not connected to the network and requires grounding.

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  • Antonina

    Why is the outlet grounded if the cable is two-wire?

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    • Zheka

      We don’t have grounding. In any Euro plugs there is earth and in sockets too, but we only have 0 and phase.

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