Connection diagram for UNIEL UCH-P002-G3-1000W-30M

Tell the scheme or connection sequence. I purchased a controller with a UNIEL UCH-P002-G3-1000W-30M remote control. The idea is this: group 1 - lights over the doors of the wardrobe; 2 group - illumination of the outer side shelves of the wardrobe; 3 group - bed lighting.



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    Hello! The remote control has a wiring diagram, which is recommended by the manufacturer. Why do not you want to use it?

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  • Admin

    Here is the connection diagram

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  • Sergei

    Please tell me how to be
    I have a fan for the hood, from it goes to the switch, i.e. on, off the fan,
    how can I connect this receiver if the connection is to this switch, and how then to do
    so that the fan also works through this receiver?
    It turns out that the receiver, with a red and black (0) wire, will be connected to the fan switch as the power source of the receiver, and then how can I connect the fan itself, for example, to a group.

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