Wiring diagram for one-gang switch

Main purpose passage switch lies in the ability to control the lamp from different points. The most relevant thing is to use this type of electrical accessories in a long corridor, a spacious cottage and even a bedroom (if you install the first near the bed, and the second at the entrance to the room). Next, we will consider a simple wiring diagram for a passage switch with one key, and also provide you with a visual video lesson on the correct connection of wires in a junction box.

So, it should immediately be noted that the switch (it may also be called that) is not used alone, at least two products must be present for control. As for the connection of wires, the principle does not differ from the usual version connect light switch - zero goes directly to the lamp, the phase goes to break. The only difference is that in the wiring diagram of the single-key walk-through switch at the output, not one phase is connected (as in the classic version), but two. The outputted 2 contacts are connected to the next switch, which has one wire at the output for connection to the chandelier.

Photo on which you can see the real picture of switching lived on 2 lamps:

Control of two bulbs from two places

The output of the second switch 2 contacts, because in this example, two bulbs are used

In words, it’s a little difficult to perceive the information, therefore we provide an electrical circuit for connecting a passage switch with one key:

Lighting control from two places

As you can see, two single-key devices are connected by a three-core cable, which in turn should have a suitable core diameter. About, how to choose cable cross-section by powerread in the corresponding article!

An illustrative video example will show you the essence of the connection:

Wire Connection Instructions

I would also like to mention that a frequent case is a variant of the circuit in which there are 3, or even 4 single pass-through switches. In this case, you can turn on / off the light from 2x, 3x and even 4x places, which is very convenient when you are in a long corridor. To make such a chain of control, you need to use another type of product - cross, which are intermediate elements of the circuit.

As for the scheme by which you will carry out installation, it looks as follows:Three lamp control points

This option makes it possible to control the lamp from three places. In the event that you wish to switch off from four places, another cross switch is added to the circuit.Lighting control from 4 places

That's the whole wiring diagram for a one-button through-switch. As you see, there is nothing complicated, the main thing is to act carefully and observe the switching according to the color marking of the wires! Finally, we recommend that you pay due attention to the choice of the manufacturer of the products. For such a lighting control system to serve you for a long time, buy products from well-known manufacturers: ABB, Schneider (Schneider), Legrand (Legrand).Of the inexpensive companies, we can advise you Viko (Wiko), whose products have an optimal ratio of cost and quality!

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