Wiring diagram for a single-phase electric meter to a 220V network

In order not to overpay money for the installation of an electric meter by a master (and this cost at least 800), you can carry out electrical installation yourself. There is nothing super complicated in this event, the main thing is to know what the correct connection scheme for a single-phase meter with RCD and automatic devices should be. The best option for a private house and apartment we have provided in this article.

So, we immediately draw your attention to the fact that, unlike connecting a three-phase meter, which may cause some difficulties, everything is simple here. It doesn’t matter if a single-tariff meter or a two-tariff meter, electronic or mechanical, has a grounding network or is it an old model (system TN-C), which manufacturer of the meter. In any case, the design includes 4 terminals: inputs and outputs of the phase conductor, input and output of zero.

All you need is to connect 2 wires from the input circuit breaker (phase and zero) to the corresponding connectors on the meter (as a rule, terminals 1 and 3). Accordingly, from the 2 and 4 terminals to bring the phase and zero to the load. Moreover, the phase wire goes to the circuit breakers located in the shield, and zero to zero bus, from where directly to the load. After electrical installation, you can call a representative of Energosbyt so that he fulfills sealing meter.

As for the manufacturers, it does not matter which option you have: Neva, Energomera or Mercury. We repeat once again - each model has only four terminals, which are needed for installation. To your attention the connection diagram of a single-phase electricity meter (direct connection):

Single phase electric meter circuit

In a network with grounding, the connection diagram for a single-phase electric meter with RCD and automatic devices will look like this:Installation in a 220 V network with grounding

The only thing to note is the introductory machine according to the PUE (Chapter 3.1, paragraph 3.1.18) should be bipolar, and not two unipolar. It is necessary that when circuit breaker operation and phase and zero were without voltage.

To make sure that the models are absolutely identical, we provide photos that show the number of terminals for connection:

A single-phase electronic meter is suitable for both home and apartment, not to mention the cottage. This is due to the fact that it is designed for current up to 60A, which is enough for a head with a wiring load of up to 10 kW. Also, for example, we provide you with visual diagrams of connecting a meter in a 220 V network, provided on the video:

Video lesson on connecting the energy meter Energomer

Connecting an induction meter

Now you know what the correct scheme for connecting a single-phase meter to RCDs and automatic machines looks like. We hope that the information was useful and understandable for you.

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