Capacitor connection diagram for starting the engine

Please give the connection diagram of the capacitor to an induction motor and advise its capacity. Engine 50HZ; 0.37kw; 1.62 / 09A (220/380).


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    Good afternoon! Attached to the comment three schemes.
    a) Star. Advantages: easy connection, relative symmetry of currents in the windings. Disadvantages: the electric motor is able to use only a third of the rated power (hence it is possible to develop only a third of the moment, respectively) The working capacitor can be calculated by the formula: Cp = 2780 * (If / Uf). Starting capacitor is calculated by the formula Cn = 2.5-3 * Cf.
    b) Triangle. Advantages of the circuit: windings operate at rated voltage, the motor is able to develop power close to the nominal. Disadvantages: lack of current symmetry in the windings, a sufficiently large capacitor is needed, the starting torque does not exceed 0.4 nominal. The formula for calculating the working capacitor: Cp = 4800 * (If / Uf). In this case, Cn = 2.5-3 * Cf.
    c) Incomplete star. Pros: the power can reach a value close to the rated one, the starting torque is higher than the rated one, symmetry of the currents in the windings can be achieved. Disadvantages: not all capacitors are suitable for connecting the motor, the complexity of connecting the circuit, Cp = 2780 * (If / Uf) In this case, Cn = 2.5-3 * Cf.
    I recommend that before choosing one of the schemes to read in more detail about it on the network, there are many nuances that can not be described in one comment.

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