Scheme of connecting the sauna heater to the network

The Kamenka stove, powered by the mains, can have a power of 2 to 35 kW (values ​​taken from the catalog of the popular manufacturer Harvia). If the heater power is less than 7 kW, it is allowed according to the rules of the PUE to be connected to a 220-volt single-phase network. If the load on the network is greater, the use of three-phase wiring cannot be dispensed with. Next, we will consider a more complex scheme for connecting a sauna heater to the 380 Volt network.

HarviaConnection to the wiring in the sauna will be through a three-phase circuit breaker and magnetic switch. The first device will protect the heater from short circuit and overload. A magnetic starter is needed for automatic heating control. Automation is represented by a temperature and humidity sensor, which send a signal to the control unit to turn on / off the heater.Remote Control

So that you can clearly see the correct connection of the wires, we provide a connection scheme for an electric heater for 380 V:Proper wiring

If the power of the sauna heater is small, we recommend connecting it to a single-phase network. To do this, all three phases (L1, L2, L3 and A, B, C in the diagram) from the furnace must be combined and connected to the terminal block XT1, and from it bring one wire to 220 volts. We draw your attention to the fact that when using one phase, the cross-section of the conductor should be larger, otherwise it simply can not withstand current loads. Before connecting you must make calculation of cable cross-section by power and currentto select the most suitable core diameter. Experts recommend using a copper wire with a cross section of at least 4 mm2better 6.

We also recommend that you watch video tutorials that demonstrate how to connect the heater to a 220 and 380 Volt network:

Three phase connection

How to connect a furnace to a single-phase network

That's the whole scheme of connecting the sauna heater in the sauna. As you can see, installation in a three-phase and single-phase network is not too complicated, which allows even an electrician a beginner to cope with the work!

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