Dual Socket Connection Diagram

One of the types of sockets is double - in a single case there are two electrical “points” of connection, which are powered from one group of wires: phase, zero and earth. Sometimes, novice electricians have small difficulties associated with connecting cores. To readersElecroExpert"Knew how to carry out the electrical installation correctly, then a simple wiring diagram for connecting a double outlet with grounding and without ground (in a two-wire network) will be provided for you.

So, the first and most important scheme for you is as follows:


As you can see, everything is quite simple. The main thing is to follow the rules for connecting the wires that every electrician should know: the "ground" is connected in the central terminal, zero on the right, and the phase on the left. It should be noted that the grounding contact must be in the center, but the other two can be interchanged, there is nothing wrong with that. The connection diagram of a double socket without grounding looks exactly the same, only the PE wire will not be connected, which means that the central terminal must be free.

In the event that you decide to use not a double case, but a dual version (do not confuse, now you will understand why), the wiring will look different. Dual sockets (they can also be called assembled) are two separate electrical points located in adjacent gates and connected by jumpers (loops).

Dual option

The connection diagram of dual sockets with grounding looks like this:With grounding

If your house has a two-wire network (without ground), then in this case, the connection of dual sockets should be carried out according to the scheme without grounding:Two-wire power supply network 220 V

We draw your attention to the fact that you can use jumpers only if not too powerful electrical appliances are connected to electrical points. Otherwise, you need to create branch wire for each product from the junction box.

That’s all about the dual-socket connection diagram. As you can see, there is really nothing complicated in electrical work, and even someone who has not previously connected with electricity can cope with the connection of two points! The only thing I would like to tell you in the end is buy quality products from manufacturers such as Legrand (legrand), ABB and Schneider electric (Schneider Electric). These companies produce products that can last a long time without creating an emergency!

We also recommend that you watch visual video tutorials on connecting an invoice and an internal dual outlet:

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