Wiring diagram for a 3-phase meter 220/380 in the network 127/220 V

Nikolai asks:
Good afternoon. At the substation, from the time of the king of peas, a power transformer is installed. On the LV side, the windings are assembled in a triangle, i.e. 127/220 V. Question: how to connect an ordinary three-phase meter to such a network. Thank you in advance for your advice.
The answer to the question:
Hello! Sorry, but where are the two voltages in the triangle from? If there is a triangle, then there is no zero. In general, there are special electric meters for this, for example, ENERGOMER TSE6803 and F68700. Also, many meters can work without zero, or it is possible to connect without zero but with current and voltage transformers. There is information that three resistors were connected with a star, taken from the midpoint “zero” and connected to the zero terminal of the counter.

It will be better if you open the instructions for your specific meter and analyze all the connection schemes. With subsequent verification after connection.

And in the catalog from “Energomera” on page 26 in its lower part there is a connection diagram of the above counters, the zero here is drawn by a dashed line, so its connection is not necessary.

You can download the catalog from our website at the link - Electricity meter catalog


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