Lamp parallel connection diagram

When connecting light in a house and an apartment, sometimes a situation arises when you need to connect several light sources to one switch. In this case, it is recommended to give preference to a parallel circuit of connecting the bulbs, which you should still know from the school physics course. If you forgot how this wiring option looks like, we recommend refreshing your memory by looking at the example provided below!

When we considered wiring diagram for spotlights, then just showed the readers of the site "Elecroexpert»Version with parallel connection of products. Everything is quite simple - at the input we have a phase, grounding and zero. All three wires must be brought to the cartridges in accordance with this scheme.LED parallel connection

On the electrical diagram, the parallel connection of the bulbs in the circuit can be indicated as follows:Network connection

The advantage of this option is that if one light source burns out, the rest will function as if nothing had happened.

When installing lighting in an apartment and a house, you should not use an alternative method - serial connection of devices. In this case, you are tormented when troubleshooting, as if one incandescent lamp burns out, everything goes out (the principle is like in a garland).

In the video below, a diagram of the parallel connection of the lamps to the network is clearly considered:

As you can see, everything is quite simple and even an electric kettle can handle the wiring! We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with ways to connect the wires in the junction box!

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    Why, when the lamp and diode are connected in series, the lamp does not light

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