Lamps do not go out due to increased humidity in the bathroom

Maxim asks:
Good afternoon! A rack ceiling was mounted in the bathroom, in which Ecola GX53 H4 (Ultra-thin recessed) fixtures and LED GX53 lamps of the same company were installed. After taking a shower both in the daytime and in the evening (about half an hour), we saw that the lamps continue to dimly light when the lights are off and finally go out within an hour. They left the light on for one hour when no water procedures were carried out and after that the light went out immediately. Is the effect of dull burning possible due to high humidity after taking a shower, since the lamps seem to have no moisture protection (condensation may get on them) and must they be replaced with lamps with moisture protection or is it all about wiring?
The answer to the question:
Good afternoon! Yes, there may be moisture. You can additionally seal all connections, for example with heat shrink, use protected switchboxes and more. Lamps, sockets and switches in the bathroom should be installed at the maximum possible distance from sources of water, spray and moisture. If after sealing the joints nothing changes, you need to try to replace the luminaires with protected ones.

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