Are there any restrictions on installing a multi-tariff meter?

Good afternoon! I want to connect a multi-tariff meter in the garage (not a cooperative, property). Not a single store in the city (Novosibirsk region) is on sale, sellers explain, do not carry, because we won’t sell it because the local electricity supplier says “we have one tariff in the city.” Moreover, the region approved 3 tariffs. Officially did not apply. Question: Are there any restrictions on the installation of a multi-tariff meter (I do not mean compliance with GOSTs, etc. - this is by itself), or what I want, I put it like that?


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    Hello! Well, you can put whatever you want, most likely the sellers say that the energy sales company in your city does not provide services for the multi-tariff calculation of electricity. Therefore, installing such a device will not help you. It’s better to contact and you will be consulted by specialists in the local energy supply.

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