Strange connection of underfloor heating and lighting

I welcome the experts of this community and hope for your help, for I myself have been powerless against this problem.

Installation of wiring was done by people who are now inaccessible. Bathroom: heated floors, double switch (LED lamps and fluorescent + fan), two sockets, heated towel rail, mirror lighting. The wires of the external braid of the heater are not connected to anything, but it was necessary so (Fig. 9). Yesterday a strange glitch appeared: when the lighting was turned on, the lamps blink and the buzzer of the warm floors squeaks once. On / off lighting - everything works fine. This morning the same thing, but after that even the indicators on the switch went out. The analysis showed that the wires of the heater and the sensor were not stocked (it seems that they were connected by a pull-up and plastered). Sensor wires dropped out of the terminals. Logic suggests that this cannot be the cause of the malfunction. Because it turned out to be impossible to fill the wires into the terminal, I increased them. I collected everything as in the photo - it does not work. There is voltage in the phase (checked with an indicator screwdriver). Everything else in the bathroom works.


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    Hello! Links turned out to be broken, photos do not open. What can I say about this issue. Because installation of wiring was performed by “pulling” as you say, I think that the problem is poor connection on any of the sections of the wiring. First you need to check all the connections that were mounted by your unfortunate performers. A full audit will show what is the reason, so offhand it is difficult to explain the strange connection of the warm floor and lighting.

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