How dangerous is static electricity in a gas boiler?

Elena asks:
Hello, how long does it take to build up static electricity in a gas boiler (unfortunately did not have time to make grounding), so that this could lead to a fire? Will we reach the heat? Or panic? Thanks in advance!
The answer to the question:
Hello! What does it mean, “how much time”? Why should it cause a fire? Did you come to this question because the boiler started to shock? Have you warmed up until February and didn’t panic, or just now notice it?

Some questions, few answers.

The rate of charge accumulation can be different, depending on many conditions, but there is no such thing as a “how much time should be”.

On a gas boiler, in principle, static can accumulate, but keep in mind that if you touch it and you are shocked, then it is possible that a charge accumulates on you due to a terry dressing gown, for example.

You need to know that static electricity is more dangerous not from the point of view of fire hazard, but from the point of view that it can harm the control board and it will fail.

Why will a fire occur if the gas is already burning there? From the spark? So gas can explode only if it accumulates, which a priori should not be. The thrust should be good and the pipes should not pass, then a fire or explosion is not terrible!


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