Voltage stabilizer or ultrasound, what to choose?

Good day dear. The question arose whether it is necessary to install an ultrasound transducer with the same voltage relay if there is a voltage regulator? Or is it better to choose?



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    Hello! Of course, the maximum protection against voltage surges will be provided by installing a voltage monitoring relay together with a stabilizer. The fact is that voltage stabilizers are primarily used to stabilize the network parameters, and the relay is to instantly respond to critical parameters of the mains and turn off the electricity, thereby protecting all electronics and household appliances from failure. However, it should be noted right there that
    most stabilizers are equipped with pH, ​​so there is no point in overpaying.

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  • Flower

    Good afternoon, I’m interested in the question: is it better to put a relay or a stabilizer, or to consumers, no matter what, and stabilizers are a waste of money, if we consider a separate stabilizer for each phase?

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