Voltage stabilizer for home, power 10 kW

From the support to the house, the wiring is aluminum at 28A, the machine on the meter at 16A. Will the 10 kW stabilizer work safely? The voltage sometimes drops to 130 V. Thank you.

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    The automatic machine on the 16 A counter means that you have a power limit of 3.5 kW (if you are talking about a single-phase network, you did not specify). In this case, it makes no sense to take 10 kW, you can take less power, so as not to overpay in vain. If we are talking about a three-phase network, then a 16 A circuit breaker is a load on each phase of up to 3.5 kW. If you decide to take a three-phase voltage stabilizer, then you must take into account the permissible load for each of the phases.
    Note also that the thermal release of the machine does not work immediately and in case of overload it can work for some time from several minutes to an hour - depending on the amount of overload. For example, if you have a 16 A circuit breaker, then with a load of 18 A, the circuit breaker will not turn off immediately, but will work for some time - at this current, the load is no longer 3.5 kW, but 4 kW in one phase. If this is a three-phase load, then the total power in the three phases will no longer be 10.5 kW, but 12 kW - that is, a 10 kW stabilizer can fail due to overload. That is, you must take into account possible overloads when choosing a voltage stabilizer.

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