Comparison of NYM cable and VVGNG - which is better to choose?

When designing the internal electrical wiring of residential and industrial premises, one of the key issues is the choice of cable products. Electricians and home craftsmen often wonder which cable is best to choose - NYM or VVGng, because both options are considered the most popular brands of cable products used for the installation of internal wiring of houses and apartments. Find the answer to all questions will help the following comparative characteristics and features of the use of products of these brands.

Design Features

VVGNG is a power cable with copper conductors. The core insulation is made of PVC compound. The insulation material contains additives due to which it does not support combustion. This conductor is available with a number of cores from 2 to 5. For ease of installation, the insulation of the cores has color marking, which can be carried out by full coloring of the vein insulation, or a colored strip. Outside, the cable is sheathed from the same PVC compound as the core insulation. The core may have a single-wire or multi-wire design. The cross-sectional shape of the core is round or segmented.

Design VVGng

NYM is a designation of an analogue of a Russian product of the VVGNG brand, manufactured according to the German standard VDE 0250. The number of cores also varies from 2 to 5. The insulation material is the same polyvinyl chloride that does not support combustion. The main structural difference of this product from the Russian counterpart is the presence of an additional non-combustible seal between the core insulation and the outer sheath of the cable.

NYM construction


The main parameters of the compared cable brands are close, therefore, only different characteristics are compared. If you are interested in all the characteristics of a VVGNG or NYM cable, we recommend that you read the following articles:

Speaking of the distinctive parameters of VVGng, the permissible operating temperature is in the range from -50 ° C to + 50 ° C. The service life, in accordance with the technical documentation, is 30 years. The conductor does not support combustion during group laying. It is recommended for the installation of power and lighting networks in which a tight seal is not required at the entrances to the equipment.

NYM cable can be used at temperatures from -30 ° C to + 40 ° C. The service life declared by the manufacturer reaches 40 years. Combustion is not supported only with a single installation. The cable is recommended for use in hazardous areas, in electrical installations which require complete sealing of the inputs to the equipment. So it is better to choose it for work in such conditions.

Comparison Results

Summarizing a comparative analysis of cable characteristics, showing the difference between VVGNG and NYM, we can highlight individual positive differences between each of these brands.

NYM Benefits:

  • increased ductility and mechanical strength due to the presence of a special aggregate;
  • improved resistance to moisture thanks to an additional layer of rubber insulation;
  • easier cutting and installation;
  • a cross section in the form of a regular circle makes it easy to seal the cable entry where this is required by the characteristic of the room;
  • more aesthetic appearance;
  • longer term of operation.

Advantages of VVGng:

  • wider declared operating temperature range;
  • does not support combustion during group laying;
  • it is believed that the shell of a product of this brand is more resistant to ultraviolet rays;
  • lower price.

Given the characteristics of two popular cable brands, you can decide what is best in a given situation.


When choosing wires for hidden wiring in an apartment, it should be noted that NYM, due to its high plasticity, is easier to lay in prepared grooves. The presence of an additional insulating layer of rubber makes this product immune to flooding. This circumstance determines what is best for internal hidden wiring choose this particular cable. This is especially true for rooms with high humidity - bathroom, toilet, kitchen.

When choosing a cable for wiring in a wooden house, as well as in a frame house, it should be remembered that when laying hidden wiring in the walls of combustible material, installation is made in metal pipes, as shown in the photo below:

Pipe wiring

When planning an open wiring installation, a comparison of the characteristics shows that it is better to choose VVGng for this purpose, due to its greater resistance to ultraviolet radiation. In the event of a fire in enclosed spaces, VVGng-ls, which does not emit toxic smoke, performs better.

In cases where the difference in the technical properties of conductive products does not play a decisive role, the question "what to choose?" can be decided in favor of a cheaper product. NYM cable is 10-15 percent more expensive than VVGng.

When deciding which is better: VVGNG or NYM, one more circumstance should be taken into account. NYM cable manufactured by some Russian companies often does not meet the requirements of the German standard. Accordingly, the claimed technical characteristics differ from the actual parameters. Often there are customer reviews of such products containing information about a frank marriage. It follows from what has been said that choosing a manufacturer of cable products is one of the most important tasks that arise in the process of repairing or reconstructing electrical wiring. Top Cable Manufacturer were described by us in a separate article.

Finally, we recommend watching a video that clearly compares NYM and VVGng-LS:

We hope that thanks to the information provided, it becomes clear to you that it is better to choose: NYM or VVGng for wiring in the apartment and the house, and also what is the difference between the two cable brands. If you have any questions, be sure to ask them in the comments!

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