Ways to connect a fan heater to the network

Today, fan heaters can be used for electric heating of a private house, cottage, garage and even a greenhouse. These devices can carry out air heating only due to electricity or with the help of a coolant - hot water. The latter option is more economical and is used for domestic needs more often. So that you know how to properly connect the heater to communications, then we will provide typical schemes for connecting a water heater for 380 and 220 Volts.

The principle of operation of the deviceSo, if the power of the device does not exceed 6 kW, it can be connected to a single-phase network. The only requirement is to produce calculation of the cable cross section for currentto select the appropriate core diameter for connection to automation and mains. Otherwise, no difficulties should arise. The connection diagram of the fan heater to the 220 Volt network looks like this:220 V network

If the power of the product is more than 6 kW, then you can not do without a three-phase wiring. In this case, the wires from the mains will be routed to the terminals as follows:380 V network

As you can see, the connection diagram of the 380 V fan heater to the network does not have any special differences from the standard version. The only thing you should pay attention to is the zero conductor. It is not always necessary to connect it in a three-phase network, which depends on the installation motor itself. Usually this point is discussed in the instructions.

If you want to make a programmable electric heating system in a private house, you need to add a thermostat, a controller and a two-way valve with a servomotor to the connection diagram of the water heater. In this case, a typical project will look like this:Automatic system


  1. Two-way valve with actuator. Its main task is to shut off the coolant supply at the command of the thermostat.
  2. Thermostat. Used to set the room temperature.
  3. Five-speed motor rotation control.
  4. Fan motor.

Such a complete system will make electric heating fully automatic and economical, therefore we recommend using it. Well, the last example that I would like to provide is the connection diagram of a fan heater with a water heat source to the heating system. This connection option is ideal if you use a Volcano heater (volcano), which is very popular today.

Installation for heating

Explanations for the scheme:

  1. Water heater.
  2. Two-way valve with actuator.
  3. Valve for venting the system.
  4. Shutoff valves (ball valves).
  5. The filter of rough cleaning of the heat carrier.
  6. Circulation pump.
  7. Electric boiler.

In addition to the projects provided, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the optimal distances for installing heaters. Consider these values ​​so that the system is as efficient as possible:Ceiling mount Wall mounting Optimum distance between Volcano heaters

That's all I wanted to tell you about this issue. We hope that the provided electric fan heater connection circuits were useful and understandable for you.If you decide to connect the device to 380 Volts, be sure to follow the instructions that come with it so that the wiring is correct and safe!

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