Modern methods of heating a greenhouse with electricity

Electric heating has many advantages over water. Firstly, you can control electric heaters in automatic mode. Secondly, the installation of such a system is many times easier than creating a water circuit. Well, and thirdly, modern devices are economical, so heating a room in winter will not be too expensive. Next, we will provide the most effective schemes for heating a greenhouse with electricity.

Thermal curtainFirst of all, it should be noted that several options for heaters can be used for electric heating of this garden building. The easiest solution is to lay the system underfloor heating cable. An alternative solution would be connecting infrared heatersmounted on the ceiling. Well, the last, most time-consuming option - electric boiler connection, which will heat the coolant for convectors or water floor heating. Consider in detail the projects of each of the listed systems.

Heating cable

So, if you decide to use a heating cable to heat the soil, we recommend that it be laid according to the following greenhouse heating scheme:Warm floor

The “pie” of which the heating system will consist should look like this:

Pie for heating cable

In this case, the cable will warm the soil to the optimum temperature. If for some reason you do not have the opportunity to lay a warm floor underground, we recommend fixing it on the walls. The electric heating scheme of the greenhouse in this case will look as follows:Vertical installation of the heating cable

After laying the cable, the picture will be approximately as shown in the photo:

Photo of the soil heating system in the country

We draw your attention to the fact that instead of a heating cable, you can use a tape, like ENGL-2. Its installation is carried out according to a similar scheme:Floor heating tapePie for ENGL-2

The video below clearly shows how the heating cable is laid in the soil:

Cable soil heating

Infrared heaters

If your greenhouse has already been built and there is no way to violate the soil composition, you can install infrared ceiling heaters that will also warm the room efficiently and work in automatic mode. The typical scheme of infrared heating in a greenhouse is quite simple and looks like this:Project for placing IR panels

The actual picture may differ: you can install the products not strictly in the center of the ceiling, but in the corners or with an offset to one of the walls, as shown in the photo:Mounting IR heaters on the wall

We recommend to see immediately advantages and disadvantages of infrared heatersto understand how effective this option is heating the greenhouse, and at the same time get acquainted with its disadvantages.

Video example of a finished infrared room heating

Electric boiler

Well, the last scheme for heating the room is with an electric boiler. In this case, either water radiators or a warm floor from pipes are used.

Photo of water heating Of all three electrical circuits for heating a greenhouse, this is the least appropriate, since You will have to mount a complex system and buy an expensive boiler.Despite this, this option is popular today, so you can not help but provide you with a visual design of the system:

Water heated floor with convectors

Water heated floor with convectors

Simplified version

Simplified version

So we have listed all the most effective schemes for heating a greenhouse with electricity. We hope that the provided projects were useful for you and came in handy for further installation!

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