Modern underfloor heating control systems

To date, the most effective way to heat your home is floor heating system. Not only the comfort and durability of the system, but also the efficiency, as well as saving resources compared to other types of heating, depend on the right type of temperature regulation. In this article, we will consider the most advanced control systems for underfloor heating water and electric. Below you will learn how to remotely control the heating in a country house via the Internet, wifi or even SMS messages.

Electric heating

To control the floor heating, mechanical and electronic thermostats are used, which, with the help of a remote probe, take readings and maintain the temperature at a given level, regardless of the environment and time of day.

Mechanical thermostat

Programmable thermostats allow you to turn on the surface heating at a given time, days and weeks, and due to this, receive significant savings. They are equipped with such functions as morning rise, working day, evening, preparation for bed. Some models are equipped with an anti-freeze function, maintaining the minimum positive temperature in the room, thereby preventing freezing of the room in the absence of people.

Programmable Photo Thermostat

There are paired controllers thermostats that allow controlling electric heat-insulated floors in different rooms from one place. These devices allow you to save on the purchase of one controller, instead of several separate copies, which in money terms will be much more expensive.

Models of thermal controllers with radio access allow you to work with four separate modules. The readings from the sensors are displayed on the remote control and it is possible to monitor the temperature of the floor and air in the rooms. Electronic multi-zone programmable microcontrollers with radio access are combined into executive modules consisting of floor heating elements and electric radiators. Such devices are connected to the smart home system and allow you to monitor the modes in each room individually, as well as set the days, weeks, and hours of operation.

At the moment, MCS 300 built-in modules have appeared on the market. This device can be used to control electric heating via a wifi interface. In a home network through a Wi-Fi router, it allows you to connect to such devices through special programs from anywhere in the world. Using the program, you can simultaneously interact with 32 thermostats. Access to devices from several places, including via the Internet. Using a mobile phone, tablet or computer, the operating mode, time and degrees are set.


You can learn more about remote control of electric underfloor heating by watching this video:

Phone control

In addition to the MCS 300, devices are used to control via the GSM network, via SMS commands. This remote control is part of a smart home and allows you to receive real-time information about the status of sensors through messages such as penetration, temperature, lighting, resource consumption (for example, water and light). Also, through SMS commands, you can turn on floor heating, a boiler, and more in advance.

Eco 600

Water system

The ability of the control system for underfloor heating to timely respond to temperature changes not only of the coolant, but also to the state of the environment, determines the feeling of comfort from being indoors. And in order to reduce the inertia of the system, controllers are installed with weather-dependent regulators, room thermostats and servo-drives of dampers on each heating loop.

Node diagram

Component Description

This unit is designed to maintain a given temperature and control the flow of coolant in the heating circuit. It is equipped with the necessary adjusting equipment and elements that ensure stable operation of the circuit, as well as preventing the pump from operating on a closed plug.

The figure below shows the adaptive thermal controller circuit with a PID controller that regulates the state of the coolant depending on the outside temperature.

Weather-dependent automation

Due to the presence of a digital interface in these controllers, it is possible to connect to the smart home system for wireless monitoring and parameter settings via the network and the Internet.

You can learn more about the modern option for controlling an underfloor heating water radio channel in this video:

The use of radio thermostats

That's all I wanted to tell you about how to make automatic control of a warm floor with your own hands. As you can see, there are a lot of ways and you can choose the suitable option not only for the electric heating system, but also for water. We hope our instructions were clear and useful for you!

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