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Connecting a searchlight with a motion sensor and a luminaire to one switch

How to make the switch not turn off

How to make the light switch not work during the day?

Installation of protection (automatic machine) in front of the opening difavtomat

Remote control of circuit breakers in the panel

Warm floor on the wall: installation technology, the pros and cons

How to make an electric extension cord with your own hands

DIY electric heating in the country

Electric stove for the production of shoes: how to do it yourself

Do-it-yourself wiring in the country: a step-by-step description of installation

Retro wiring in a wooden house: photo, video, installation

DIY photo relay: diagram, video, assembly instructions

How to make a power supply 220V 0.5 A?

How to make a metal detector at home: video, diagram, photo

How to make the garland blink?

Do-it-yourself modular pin grounding: instructions

Do-it-yourself knife with a heel for stripping insulation

Roof and gutter heating - DIY installation

Underfloor heating on the street - do-it-yourself laying technology

DIY fiber optic lighting: scheme, video, photo

How to conduct light in the house with your own hands: video + instruction

The work of individual consumers from the generator

Installation of heating in a turnkey country house

DIY soldering station: diagram, video, photo

Electricity recalculation: how is it done and in what cases

The scheme of smooth on and off LED lamps

LED apron in the kitchen

DIY dress illumination - which lamps to choose?

LED curtain lighting: photo ideas and installation rules

How to make a do-it-yourself projector at home

Separate room lighting in the house

How can I regulate the speed of a DC motor at 220V?

Time relay with an interval of 12 hours

Do-it-yourself emergency lighting in the house: diagram, video, ideas

Do-it-yourself surge protector: diagram, video, assembly instructions

Overload alarm

Uninterruptible power system for gas boiler heating

Hidden wiring in a wooden house: video, photo, installation rules

Concealed wiring in a brick house and apartment

How to make a solar battery with your own hands from improvised materials

How to conduct light on the balcony: video, diagram, photo

How to make lighting in the bathroom with your own hands

DIY aquarium lighting: lamp selection and power calculation

DIY backlit bed: photos, videos, options

Do-it-yourself electric heated floor on the balcony and loggia

Extension cord from a socket and a two-core cable - how to assemble?

How to make a USB fan from a cooler, motor and disk

Turn on ventilation 1.5 hours after charging the battery

Alteration of the 12V switch in 220V for ventilation control

Do-it-yourself cotton switch: diagram, video, photo

How to make a launcher for a car battery

DIY car battery charger

Grounding the cable armor: work recommendations

Grounding a computer: what you need and how to do it right

Grounding a shopping pavilion - how to do it by the rules

Grounding by a triangle: diagram, dimensions, installation steps

There is no grounding in the hostel - what is the best way to do it?

Do-it-yourself grounding in the bathroom: video, diagram, photo

Grounding a water heater in an apartment and a private house

Control of two lighting groups with a single-key switch

Soundproofing outlets in the apartment: how and what to do

How to save on electric heating in a private house and apartment

Smoothing the ripple of lamps connected through a diode - methods

How to hide LED strip on the ceiling of drywall

How to reduce the brightness of the LED-lamp

How to remove the electric meter yourself?

Wire and cable stripping tool

How to remove residual voltage from a cable

How to remove a do-it-yourself interior light

How to take readings from an electric meter with current transformers

CA4-I678 - how many integers will be removed when calculating consumption?

How to take readings from the electric meter OS EMOS-2

Dismantling the electric meter: work stages, requirements, photos

How to remove a spotlight from a suspended and suspended ceiling

How to assemble an electrical panel for a garage and how to bring electricity

How to make a control for 12 and 220 volts with your own hands

How to make a motor out of a battery, copper wire and magnet

Vacuum cleaner assembly diagram, connecting buttons

How to assemble a distribution board with your own hands: video, diagram, photo

Assembly of a 30 kW electricity metering board

DIY temperature controller: diagram, video, photo

How to distribute three phases to a house, a bathhouse and a garage when assembling a shield

How to assemble a three-phase switchboard, if the power is 68 kW

Connection of aluminum wires to each other in a distribution box

Connection of copper and aluminum wires: rules and methods

Oxidation of aluminum and copper compounds - what to do

Connection of machines in the shield with a comb and jumpers

Connection of a two-wire wire with a three-wire and four-wire

Joint connection of a timer and a temperature switch to a pool pump

Connection of the SIP-4 cable 2 × 16 with a copper cable 2 × 6

Connection of two copper wires with a section of 6 and 10 mm.kv.

Bolted wire connection - how to do it right

How to use WAGO terminals 221, 222, 773 and other series

Connection of wires from different materials with different conductors

Connection of wires SIP-4 2x16 among themselves: how best to do

SIP connection with a copper cable: video, methods, instructions

Connection diagram for spirals in a muffle furnace

Zero and ground connections in the electrical panel according to the PUE: necessary or not

Outlet connection: loop, star, mixed

Coordination of the power supply project: procedure

How to make a block diagram of an electronic call on a microcontroller

Drawing up a wiring diagram in an apartment and a private house

Schematic drawing of lighting and sockets - where to start?

How to remove the outlet so that the others work (serial connection)

How to remove a socket from which another socket is connected

Extension cable for an induction cooker - how best to do

Extension of a self-regulating cable in a pipe

How to reduce the power of an electric heater by 2 or 3 times?

Remote control of the doorphone button at the entrance

Turning on the light from two places - scheme

Management of the power supply unit (transformer) of the LED strip

Connect the power outlet and do-it-yourself installation

Installing a floor temperature sensor - instructions

Installation of two EIKON modular calipers in the socket

DIY installation of an electric fireplace: instructions with video

Installing an electric convector on a wall: norms and rules

Installation of an electric pole on the site: norms and rules

Power limiter connection: circuit, video, photo

Installation of track lights and do-it-yourself connection

How to connect a solarium to 380V in the apartment, if the outlet is 220?

Installation of cable end sleeves: video, instruction, photo

Installing an MP3 module in the music center

How to connect a dishwasher to the water supply and sewerage

Socket in the slope of the window - installation instructions with photo

DIY installation of an electric meter: rules, video, instructions

Installing a metering board on a support: PUE requirements and general recommendations

Armstrong lamp installation and connection: diagram, video, photo

Do-it-yourself TV installation on a wall: instruction video

Installing a thermostat for underfloor heating: video, diagram, photo

Installation of spotlights in a stretch ceiling - instructions with photos

Do-it-yourself microwave installation and connection

DIY installation of a built-in hob

Phase imbalance in the cottage: what to do and where to go

Instantaneous water heater: device, principle of operation, circuit

Resistive heating cable: principle of operation, pros and cons

Self-regulating heating cable: device and principle of operation

Photorelay: device, principle of operation and purpose

Disposal of fluorescent lamps: rules, price, requirements

Increasing the power of a real inductor

Is it possible to increase the power in the network using a transformer?

Mains power increase from 8 to 20 kW

Increased fan speed and smooth start

The increase in the allocated power in the room up to 10 kW

How to legalize the replacement of wiring in the apartment and increase power

How to check the voltage in the socket with a multimeter and a screwdriver

How to check the grounding in a private house and apartment

The new counter winds twice as much - why and what to do

How to determine the utilization of grounding electrodes

Who is responsible for power transmission towers in the courtyard of an apartment building?

Chandelier fault detection - where to start?

Maximum power for suspended ceiling light bulbs

Turning the lights on and off with two light switches

Management of a chandelier and lamps in a bedroom from two places

Three-circuit breaker connection diagram

How to turn on the light after turning off?

The effect of voltage on the readings of the electricity meter

Two-pin transistor - is this possible?

What are the criteria for choosing lighting fixtures when designing lighting?

Circuit breaker and starter for electric boiler 6 kW

The choice of cable, machine rating and RCD for underfloor heating

Automatic machine for motor protection (9 units of 11 kW each)

Motion sensor for LED lamps - which one to choose

Cable for welding machine: make, cross-section, length

How to choose a vacuum cleaner in 2018 for an apartment and a house

Electricity meters: which is better to choose for an apartment and a private house

How to choose an iron for home use and which is better in 2018

How to choose a washing machine in 2018 for the price and quality

How to choose a TV for home in 2018 and which is better

How to choose an RCD for an apartment and a house by capacity, leakage current, manufacturer

How to choose an electric built-in oven in 2017

The bulb burst - how to unscrew the base from the cartridge?

How to connect a massager without a battery from the adapter?

How to connect the sockets: in series or in parallel

How to connect a subwoofer to a car with an amplifier

How to change the cartridge in the chandelier: instructions in pictures and video

Measurement of metal communication: methods, norms, devices for checking

Wire passage through the wall

Sealing wires in the floor of an apartment: how to do it right?

Cable insulation in the bathroom - how to make it safe?

Conclusion of a power supply agreement with an individual and legal entity

How to fix a socket in a cinder-concrete wall to keep

Replacing a two-gang switch with a one-gang switch

Do-it-yourself wiring replacement in an apartment: video, diagram, photo

Wiring in Khrushchev: the scheme and stages of replacement with a new one

Replacing an electric meter in an apartment and a private house: procedure

Replacing a spotlight in a suspended ceiling

Replacing LED fluorescent lamps in a chandelier (2G11)

Replacing a bag with a bipolar machine: wiring diagram

Replacing the cartridge in the chandelier

Replacing the wire from the pillar to the house: at whose expense and how to perform

Replacing wiring in a panel house: rules and methods

Replacing traffic jams on do-it-yourself machines: video, diagram, photo

Do-it-yourself replacement of the heater in the dishwasher - instructions

How to replace a rope switch with a push button without strobing

Replacing the input cable in an apartment and a private house: instructions

Store Power Measurement

Food for the training stand for electricians

How to start an ATX power supply without a computer?

How to organize protection of a private house from surge surges

Connecting a voltage stabilizer and do-it-yourself installation

Protecting the heating cable from icicle damage

Cable protection from mechanical damage: PUE, photo, video

Cable UV protection: PUE requirements and methods

Protect wires from cats, dogs, rodents

Protection against electromagnetic radiation in the apartment and in the workplace

Protection against a zero break in the apartment when organizing grounding

Measures and means of protection against electric shock

How to make change the input cable to the apartment?

The transformer in the staircase is buzzing, I hear in the apartment - what to do

Who can make change the electricity meter

The dependence of the resistance of the conductor on temperature: graph, video, formulas

Do-it-yourself grounding of a gas boiler in a private house

Grounding of a metal hose according to PUE: photos, rules, methods

Grounding a gas boiler outlet

DIY grounding of the washing machine: video, diagram, methods

Grounding the bath in the apartment: video, diagram, requirements of the PUE

The effect of AC frequency on humans

Current electrical installation: determination by PTEEP and MPBEE

How much power a 6A plug can withstand

Maximum load on the cable if a 50A circuit breaker is installed

Maximum power of electricity for giving

The allocated power for an apartment of 2.8 kW - what to do?

Responsibility for unauthorized connection to the network by a third party

The reason for the fire on the landing

Battery instead of 9v crown battery

Stylish sconces on the wall - photo of the most beautiful lamps

Types of electrical wiring and methods for laying them in residential buildings

DIN rail: sizes, types, manufacturers

10 kW diesel generators: types, advantages, design

Types of electrical outlets: a photo with a description of the varieties

Types and types of electrical circuits, their characteristics and purpose

Electrical safety groups and terms of their assignment in 2017

Electrical insulators: types, purpose and scope

Cable channels: types, sizes and colors

Cable trays: types, sizes, photos

Cable sleeves: purpose, classification, photo

Cambrices for wires: what is it and how to use it

Classes of protection against electric shock according to GOST

Types of terminal blocks for connecting wires

WAGO terminal blocks: specifications, series, types

Heat-resistant wires and cables: brands and characteristics

Wiring problems in an apartment and a private house

Faulty voltage regulators: causes and do-it-yourself troubleshooting

Podrozetniki: sizes, types, differences

Electricity quality indicators and their rationing

Interference in the electrical network: causes and methods of protection

Types of solders for soldering, their use and purpose

Profile for LED strip: sizes and types

Types of floodlights for outdoor lighting and indoor

Time relays: types and features of application

Standard Wire and Cable Sections - Complete Range

Types of voltage stabilizers: pros and cons of each variety

Voltage indicators: types, purpose, rules of use

Types of electrical work in the home and at work - list

Types and types of electrical panels, their interpretation and purpose

Types of lighting in the interior, garden and in production

Types of screwdrivers and their purpose, marking, photo

Types of electricity meters for an apartment and a private house, their differences

Types of LED lamps for the home and their differences

Types of LED strips and the main differences between them

Rectifier bridge diode selection for electric motor

Electrician tools: list, description, photo of the whole set

Auto electrician tools - a list of the most necessary

Lamps for dimmer Legrand Valena

What lamps for plants are better to choose and use

Which lamps shine brighter: LED, fluorescent or halogen

What lamps to buy so as not to burn out?

What chandeliers are in fashion in 2017: photos of fashionable lamps

Materials for electrical work in the apartment and house

Materials for connecting electricity to the house

Damaged wiring while drilling - are possible consequences

RCD characteristics for each wiring group

What fire extinguishers do electrical systems and electrical equipment extinguish

Organizational activities when working in electrical installations

Difavtomats for sockets in the kitchen: denominations and quantity

Spotlights for lighting a sports field - which ones to choose

Electrical protective equipment in electrical installations up to 1000 V

Norms for laying cable outdoors when installing lighting

Lamps and switches used for lighting rooms of various types

How to make the exhaust fan turn on with the light and separately

Characteristics of RCDs and automatic devices for household appliances protection

The use of lamps for aquariums for growing seedlings

Which LED lamps to choose so that they do not blink

Replacing a conventional switch with a wireless one (from Wi-Fi)

Thick Cable Stripping Tool

Cable section for connecting the test box

Cable cross-section and the rating of the machine for outlets in the kitchen

Choosing a cable for entering a single phase of 5 kW into a house: cross-section and brand

Cable from pipes to the house and garden buildings

What RCD to put after the introductory machine at 63A?

KG cable cross-section at a load of 1.5 kW - which one to choose?

Cable section for connecting the welding machine 220v

Selection of lead wire for grounding: cross section and number of cores

How to charge the battery from a motorcycle?

Transistor Analog 032N06N

Which voltage relay to choose in the shield

Completing electrical installations with voltages up to and above 1000V with protective equipment

Normal voltage between phase and ground and zero and ground

How many electrical appliances can be connected to one outlet?

How many computers can be connected to one outlet

Is the distance from the driver to the lamp 20 meters permissible

Output voltage when connecting 4 LED strips 12V

Voltage for electric heating of a private house

Hazardous voltage for electrical appliances and electronics

DIY lighting in a greenhouse - video, photo, example

GOST voltage deviation according to GOST - allowable values

Voltage drop in the cable KGN, length 68 meters

The distance between the metal lamp and the ceiling

Which phase control relay and starter to choose with a load of 5 kW 3 phases

Three-phase voltage relay or three single-phase to the apartment?

Which voltage relay should I choose if the input circuit breaker is 25 A?

What relay is necessary for the compressor control circuit to work?

Relay for a fan in the bathroom to control rotation speed

Mark and section of cable for electrical wiring in the apartment

Cable cross section at 75 kW load

Cable section for connecting an electric boiler 9 kW

Cable cross section for connecting a 3 kW hob

Cable cross section for 69 kW load and selection of machine rating

Wire cross section from shield to junction box

Wire cross section for the kitchen in Khrushchev

Which SIP wire to choose for entering a house, power 11 kW

Selection of selective RCD for installation in the access electrical panel

Selective selective RCD in the floor board, if the automatic machine 63A

Thermal relay for 11 kW 23A electric motor

RCD rating, if the introductory machine is 32A

RCD for an introductory automatic machine at 50A

RCD rating, if the incoming machine is at 50a

RCD selection for the pumping station: rating and type of leakage current

RCD leakage current for washing machine: 10 or 30 mA?

RCD rating if power is 10 kW 3 phases

RCD for two machines with a total load of 5 kW

Replacing the input cable when moving the meter - which section to choose

The cross-section of the input cable to a private house of 15 kW three phases

Protection device for LED lamps: which one to choose

RCD for washing and dishwasher: leakage current and type of operation

RCD for the 25A machine - which rating to choose?

Which charger to choose for charging finger batteries

Extension section for connecting powerful household appliances

Wire cross section for 2 kW chain saw extension

Which battery to choose for LED-lamp capacity and voltage

Connecting an LED strip to a 12 volt battery

Analog of Field Transistor GFP50N06

Circuit Breaker Rating for DC 48V

Automatic machine for motor protection against short-circuit and thermal overload

Circuit breaker for heating cable

Circuit breaker for 15A induction motor

What circuit breaker to put in the apartment?

Which machine to put on a group of machines for 16A?

Which circuit breaker to choose for the apartment

Automatic machine, starter and thermal relay for 11 kW engine

Circuit breaker for cable cross-section 2.5 sq. Mm

Automatic machine for connecting a sauna furnace, power 6 kW

Welding circuit breaker

Apartment circuit breaker

Automatic machine for cable protection 3x2.5

Which circuit breaker to choose: C16 or B16

How to choose a power supply for connecting a car amplifier to 220V

Power supply for electric corkscrew Rolsen RWO-600SET

Power supply for 3 LED strips of 5 meters

Power supply for connecting 7 coolers of 13.2 V, 80 mA

Choice of controller and power supply for RGB LED strip

Which RCD block to choose for a washing machine

Choice of dimmer for chandelier with LED lamps

Do-it-yourself wiring in the kitchen: video, diagram, photo

DIY wiring in a new building

What should be the wiring in the house for everything to work

At what height do the sconces hang over the bed, in the hallway, in the bathroom

Norms of illumination of premises in watts, suites, lumens

The allocated power of electricity per apartment is 5 kW

What introductory machines should be after replacing the riser

How to choose an electric heated towel rail for the bathroom

How to save on energy consumption for tenants

Electric meter for the production room: which is better

Capacitor capacity for plugging into a power outlet

What twisted pair to choose for the Internet in the apartment?

Single-phase or three-phase generator to choose for reserve?

Initial Installation Tools - List

Intertesting interval of Energomer TsE6803V

Cable and automatic machine for wiring in a country house

Circuit-breaker rating and cable cross-section for input

Cable for connecting a 9 kW electric boiler

Cable for connecting the bath, power 5 kW

Cable and RCD for an electric stove: 3x2.5 or 3x4 sq. mm

Cable for electrical wiring in a wooden house - which one to choose

Cable for entering the apartment: brand and cross-section

Cable for entering the house from SIP - which brand to use

The brand of cable for laying in the apartment for finishing

What cable is needed to connect the house to the mains

Cable for connecting the generator to the house network 4.5 kW

Cable for connecting a Gefest electric stove 5140-02 0037

Cable brand for wired radio points

Cable cross section for a 5 kW water heater

Cable for electrical wiring in the apartment - which one to choose?

Cable for laying on reinforced concrete supports

Cable cross-section and mark between the input and distribution board

Voltage drop in the cable from the house to the garage, length 100 m

Cable for outdoor wiring on brick wall and wood

Lighting cable: brand, cross-section, characteristics

Cable for connecting a 37 kW induction motor

Cable for connecting the bath from the house on the ground and by air

Cable for connecting the change house: brand and cross-section

Cable for connecting a 3.1 kW oven

Cable for connecting a 2000 Watt Dream board

Socket cable: cross-section, brand, requirements

Cable for connecting streetlights

Cable for laying on the floor in the corrugation: VVGNG-LS or NHXMH-O / -J

Choose a two-wire or three-wire cable for wiring?

Cable for entry into the house: brand and cross-section with a margin

Cable cross-section with permitted connection 10 kW

Help me choose a cable for laying a line with a load of 300A

Cable cross-section at a power of 15 kW, length 240 meters

Which contactor to choose for single-phase load of 3 kW

Contactor for electric water heater

Which contactor to choose for ATS with a load of 20A

Which electric meter is better to choose with electric heating

Magnetic starter for 6 kW electric boiler

Shelf life of electricity meters until commissioning

What brand of wire to choose for a submersible pump?

2 kW modular contactor for electric boiler

Illumination 300 Lux - how many watts should a light bulb be?

Power of a water heater for connection to the socket of 220 V

Which heater is better: ceramic or heater?

Wind power for home heating 120 m2

What single-phase meter is better to put in the apartment?

Halogen lamp holder MR16 with GU5.3 socket

Fuse for LED strip in car

Which frequency converter to choose?

Program for drawing up wiring diagrams in an apartment

Top cable manufacturers

Best LED Strip Manufacturers - 2017 Rating

Wire cross section for connecting an electric boiler 4.5 kW

Wire for connecting a heat gun 25 kW: brand and cross-section

Which cable to choose for wiring in the house?

A wire for lighting in a private house - which brand to choose

Which wire to use for spotlights?

Wire for assembling the electrical panel: brand, cross-section, nuances of choice

The use of the heating section 30MNT2-0930-040 under the ground

Wire for car wiring: which is better to choose

Copper or aluminum wire - which is better for wiring?

Stranded or single wire: which is better?

Single or stranded wire: which is better to choose

What wire to cut off in the shield so that the neighbors lose light?

Cable section for power supply of an apartment building

Wire for spotlights: cross-section, brand, requirements

USB charging wire: make, cross-section, length

Diesel starter inrush current

What are heating radiators and which are better for home

3 MW diesel fuel consumption at maximum load

Reversible switch for 5 kW generator

Resistor for lamp TLZh 3-2 - what resistance to choose?

Which meter is better to buy: single-tariff or multi-tariff?

Which electric meter to choose up to 2500?

Three-phase meter or single-phase for a private house?

Undervoltage meter

PWM fan speed controller

Voltage stabilizer for electric boiler 6 kW - which one to choose

What voltage regulator to choose for a 1450 W device?

Which voltage stabilizer to choose if the voltage in the network reaches 370 V?

How to choose a voltage stabilizer for heat meters for 200 apartments?

Semiautomatic welding machine for homes up to 3 kW

TENY for the dishwasher: flowing or tubular

Outdoor spotlight for installation under the roof of the house

Transformer for LED lamps 20 pieces of 24 W

Scheider electric c60 or Merlin Gerin Multi 9 - which is better?

The rating of the machine for aluminum wire is 3 * 10 + 1 * 6 sq. Mm.

Extension cord for connecting a change house from a house, distance 4 m

Which water heater to choose for a summer residence: flowing or storage

Opening machine for a private house 380V 15 kW

Introductory machine for SIP 4x50 cable

Automatic or difavtomat for a 7 kW hob

15 kW single phase meter - which one to choose?

Selection of the brand and cable section for a long line of 1.5 km

The choice of heating elements and the design of a homemade lunch box with heating

Which difavtomat to choose for the apartment to enter

Rating of the switch of loading for the apartment guard

Which wiring is better with or without distribution boxes

Which electrical tape is better for electrical wiring: PVC or HB?

Maximum connected power to the intermediate relay

Generator power and load - how much can give

Generator power 30 kW - how much can give

Power supply of a two-story cottage with a garage

The load on a three-phase machine 25A - the correct calculation

Maximum load on double outlet

Socket and plug for induction hob

TN-C-S or TT: which grounding system to choose for a private house

Grounding system for a private house in the countryside

Which grounding is best for a private home: TN-C, TN-C-S or TT

Heat gun for non-residential premises with an area of ​​130 sq.m.

Selecting the grounding system of a private house: TN-C-S or TT

Inductor Calculation: Online Calculator

SPD: principle of work, classes and the difference between them

Pushbutton keys in different positions

The engine of the AEG coffee machine runs jerkily - what is the reason?

Malfunction of the coffee machine: the red lamp blinks, there is no boiling water

Free transformer installation by law

If you turn on the light in the kitchen, the light in the toilet does not turn on: the reason

How many junction boxes to put in a room in the light

How much material is needed for wiring an apartment, 3 rooms

Reactive power compensation in electrical networks

Computer speakers are cracking - what is the reason?

Limit switches: types, device, principle of operation

Capacitor electric motor: device, principle of operation, wiring diagram

The lampshade touches another lampshade in the chandelier - is it bad?

Design features and benefits of ONS

Wire and cable design - purpose of individual elements

Partial wiring replacement in the apartment: electrical panel diagram and cable selection

Strange diagram of an apartment electrical panel

LED Lighting Planning

Power scheme with two electrical panels, a private house

Consultation on the assembly of a dashboard with an RCD and automatic devices

Reasons for flashing wiring in the apartment

I connected one phase to a three-phase boiler, it is now slightly warm

Symbols in electrical circuits according to GOST

How to choose a chipper and which is better for an electrician

How to choose a dishwasher for home in 2017 - expert advice

How to determine who steals electricity in the apartment

Hotpoint-Ariston 7HKRC 641 DX hob does not turn on

Who has the right to install an electric meter?

Replacing the old electricity meter with a new one - at whose expense

The electricity meter does not work - where to go?

Installing the PMC in the bathroom and grounding

The electric stove itself turns off - what should I do?

Krona cooker hood pops in light mode

When a cable is connected to the monitor, a short circuit occurs

Short circuit in the apartment after repair - what to do?

Connecting an LED lamp to a backlit switch

Phase and line voltage in three-phase circuits - what you need to know

LED Linear Lights: Product Overview

Difavtomat works without load: what are the reasons and what to do

Best 50-55 inch TVs - 2017 ranking

Best dishwasher manufacturers - 2017 ranking

5-way chandelier does not turn on correctly after replacement

Magnet for electric meter SEO-1.09.302 / 1

Connecting Camelion Linear LED Downlights

Aluminum wires and cables: grades, cross-sections, application

Copper wires and cables: grades, cross-sections, characteristics

Marking on VVGp 3 * 2.5 does not correspond to reality

Resistor color coding: online color calculator for 4 and 5 bands

Marking brushes for electric motors and the main types of brushes

SMD Resistor Labeling: Online Calculator

Digital marking on special cable

What is the labeling of the clamps of electricity meters?

What is the color of the phase wire?

Washer popping when draining water - what is the reason?

Electricity meters are out of order - what is the reason?

How to make a floor lamp with your own hands: photos, videos, master classes

DIY electrode boiler: video, photo, drawings

How to make a chamfer yourself: video, photo, instructions

Indirect contact protection - basic measures

Work under voltage: safety measures, instructions, video

How much power does a 30 W LED floodlight consume

EKF metal trays: overview of all series

How to pull a wire from a pole to a house when sagging

How to check the heater with a multimeter and without a tester

How to check the wiring in the apartment and the house with your own hands

Transformer Oil Testing - Overview of Procedures

There is a voltage of 230 volts between zero and ground - what is the reason?

Interphase fault: causes and methods of protection

Dishwasher Miele G 1830 SCI gives an error F68

Why does the energy-saving lamp flash when the light is off and on

The light blinks, if you turn on the LED strip - what should I do?

Three lights are lit on the meter - what is the reason?

Additional lamps flash after connecting

The microwave does not heat up: the causes of failure and DIY repair methods

Samsung microwave does not heat up and makes noise - what is the reason?

Philips Saeco espresso machine water - what is the reason?

The hob and oven are switched off by different machines

Can electricians lay wiring without tolerance

Knocking out traffic jams in the apartment - will a replacement meter help?

DIY wiring in the bathhouse - step by step instructions

Do-it-yourself wiring in a wooden house - step by step instructions

Do-it-yourself wiring in the house: video, schemes, photos

DIY electrical wiring in the garage: diagram, photo, step-by-step instruction

Do-it-yourself wiring in the apartment: step-by-step instructions, diagram, photo

DIY lighting in the garage: video, photos, diagrams

DIY lighting in the apartment: video, diagram, tips

Open wiring in an apartment and a private house: installation options

Do-it-yourself concealed ceiling lighting: video, photos, tips

How to make the LED light up when charging the battery

How to make street lighting with your own hands - instructions

The LED panel blinks in the switched off state

When the fluorescent lamp is turned off, the LED lamps flash

NIK2301AP3 counter: A, B and C indicators flash sequentially

Which generator to choose for a sauna, if the load is 3.5 kW

Is the power of a chandelier with a 200 W LED strip - is it real?

Night electricity consumption is more than daily - what is the reason

The motor from the printer vibrates and does not spin - what is the reason

House fire due to short circuit

Dim lighting in the house, but stress is normal - the reason

Difavtomat instead of grounding when connecting a water heater

Electromagnetic effect on the electricity meter

Electricity meter takes into account electricity consumption by neighbors

Can an oil heater consume 900 kW per month

The wall is warming from the wiring: what to do and what is the reason

Shock from headphones - is it possible or not?

Can zero burn out due to grounding on the battery

Motor overheating due to poor grounding

Can the work of a punch affect the wiring of neighbors

Reason for failure of the submersible pump

Charging your phone with a wet power bank - is it dangerous

Household appliances burned out due to disconnected zero wire

Knocks out a difavtomat at a voltage dip - reasons

Electric shock from the washing machine through the water

The washing machine stops while washing

Is a megohmmeter dangerous - can it kill

The consequences of lightning striking a shield on a street post

Phase imbalance with a small cable cross-section

Knocks the machine after installing a voltage stabilizer

Will the equipment fail after a power surge?

Increase refrigerator energy consumption

Automatic 32 A to the outlet to which the oven and other appliances are connected

Tension without anchor clamp

Placing junction boxes in a steam room or sink

12V power supply for continuous operation: is it possible?

Two-wire cable for lighting in the apartment

Alteration of a chandelier with two bulbs for 3 or 4 lamps

Starting ventilation through a starter with a thermal relay

Replacing a two-wire cable with a three-wire one in the heater

Is it possible to use old wiring in an abandoned house

Serial connection of voltage stabilizers

Replacing the 1A adapter with 1.5A - is it dangerous?

Can I use a power adapter with high voltage and amperage

Armature as grounding in Khrushchev

Halogen lamps for steam rooms - can I use it or not?

Use of UPS and AGM battery for circulation pump

120-watt induction heater as an electric boiler

Can I use the cable of the Kaluga cable factory

Do I need to make grounding for a multicooker?

Independent trip or voltage relay: which is better to choose

Is it possible to use the P270 field wire to connect the lamp

PUNP 2 * 1.5 wire for lighting - can it be used?

Wire cross section for connecting spotlights

Using sockets for RJ45 connector for telephony

Using an outlet connected to a light bulb

The developer makes the wiring of the ball screw - is it dangerous?

Devices for smooth ignition of lamps and LED lamps

SIP cable is not included in the meter

Fence as ground

Changing the speed of the wiper motor

Connecting two chandeliers to one wire on the ceiling

Connecting powerful devices to one machine - can or not

Connection of the washing machine and electric ignition of the stove to one machine

Connection of the oven, stove and dishwasher to the outlet 40A

How to change the connection scheme of a two-gang switch?

Cable underfloor heating under the laminate: is it safe?

Connection of a three-phase chastotnik to the engine through a solid-state relay

Mounting the junction box to the wooden ceiling

Is it possible to connect a 220 V lamp to a 110 V network?

Light and sockets in one box - is it possible or not?

Gradual replacement of electrical wiring in the apartment: possible or not

Phased replacement of wiring in the apartment

Alteration of the transformer to change the output voltage

One difavtomat for a washing machine and dishwasher

Extension of the wire cross section PV-1

Connecting a hood, boiler, TV to one cable

Combination of zero wires when connecting a stabilizer

Bypassing the meter through the jumper to the machine in the shield

How to identify the manufacturer by marking the wire

Is it possible to leave the power supply in a power outlet for a long time

TV standby - is it dangerous

Connecting the outlet from the junction box in the corridor

Wire cross section from counter to machine

Insulation of the old wiring in the apartment and connecting a new

The ground contact on the outlet is bent - can I fix it

2 wires go to the outlet, one of them is grounding

Can I disconnect the lamp from the projector for replacement?

Can I connect the cable from the RCD to the washing machine?

Connection of a live circuit breaker

Connecting an induction cooker to a conventional outlet, cable 2.5 mm.kv.

Connecting the DRL-250 lamp to a conventional ceiling through an adapter

Is it possible to connect a passage switch to a hood in the shower?

Connecting new subscribers to the feeder on the balance sheet of the organization

Power supply for electrical panels from the junction box: possible or not

Connecting the stabilizer through a voltage relay - is it necessary

Can I connect a washing machine to a 15A extension cable?

Is it safe to connect the welding semiautomatic device to the 220V network

Armstrong lamp connection through a plug with a wire

Connecting an SPD without grounding - is it possible or not?

3 hob connection

Will the 100-240V charger work at 220 Volts?

Connecting a 12V LED strip to a 10V power supply

Connecting the battery to a wired lawnmower

Connecting car speakers to a 12V power supply

Connecting a water heater from the shield - which cable to choose

How to connect a sconce from the checkpoint switch?

Connection of a four-pole RCD in a single-phase network

Connecting the difavtomat from below - is it allowed or not?

How to connect a home theater to a 5.1 computer

Is it possible to make a DCS from the grounding of a water heater?

Connecting the oven and hob to the same outlet

Connection of the hob and oven to one line (10 kW)

Connect the hob and oven to the terminal box

Connecting the oven to a power outlet without grounding

Two wires in one terminal of the machine - is it allowed or not?

Connection of two phases to one consumer

Can I connect a hood motor directly?

Connection of an electric oven without grounding

Electric stove connection: 4 cores instead of 3 cores

Is it possible to connect an electric stove in the country, is it safe?

Power supply 12 V headlights from 18 V battery - can or not

Zero from the outlet, phase from the switch - can this be done?

How to connect a street lamp

Connection of halogen lamps through YATP-0.25 220/12 V

Connecting the generator to the house network through a 220 Volt outlet

Connecting the inverter to the battery

Connecting a washing machine and dishwasher to one RCD

Installing a driver (throttle) with a lower amperage

Connecting a combination stove in a house with gas stoves

DC contactor connection

380 V contactor coil power via light switch

How to make a cooker hood work on battery

Light bulb connection diagram with a light switch

Connecting a chandelier and spotlights to a two-gang switch

Connection of two 0.4 kV lines from different transformers

Is it possible to add LED lights to old wiring

Connection of a single-phase generator with ATS to a three-phase network

Connecting one phase to a three-phase meter

Parallel connection of batteries of different capacities

Connecting the sawmill to the network

Connecting the light with the switch off

Connecting the wire to the machine - is there a difference from above or from below?

Connecting a lighting group and outlets to one machine

Connecting a through switch to a conventional

Wire cross-section of 1.5 mm.kv. for connecting a washing machine

Connecting the outlet with copper wire to aluminum wiring

Connecting a home subwoofer to a car amplifier

Power supply for a screwdriver from a transformer 220/12 V 20A

Connecting a smart set-top box to a car battery

Wiper connection via laptop power supply

Connecting the welding machine to a household outlet

Connecting a welding inverter in the country to aluminum wiring

Safety connection of a street lamp without grounding

Connect the LED lamp from the outlet: safe or not

Connecting an LED strip through a dimmable power supply

Kills the machine when connecting the heater: reasons what to do

Connecting a current transformer to a Mercury 230 meter

Is it possible to connect RKN-3-16-08 to a single-phase network

Is it possible to connect a three-phase filter to a 220V network?

Three phases from different counters - do you need coordination

Is it possible to connect an electric motor to a machine without a starter

Connecting an amplifier and a monoblock for a subwoofer on Logan

Is it possible to connect an RCD or a difavtomat without grounding?

Connect the hob without grounding, but with an RCD

Hob connection via terminal block

Connect the oven and hob to one UZO at 40A

Connecting a fan to a switch that breaks zero

Connect a fan in the bathroom with a separate cable

Connecting the plug without grounding to a three-wire cable

Connecting a grounding plug to a two-wire cable

Connecting an 8 kW water heater to the network

Electric wiring in the kitchen with a separate cable

Connecting a light switch from another switch

Connecting the hood directly without an outlet

Connecting the refrigerator through an extension cord

Extension for washing machine fridge

How to connect 3 fittings to one cord with a switch

Is it possible to use electricity after flooding?

Will light and wiring work after flooding the apartment?

A hairdryer fell into a bath of water - what should I do?

How to replace a new electric meter, can a refusal be refused?

Replacing the base in a spotlight

Replacing a 16 amp with a 25 amp machine due to overload

Can I put a 25A machine on sockets and electric boilers?

One RCD for several groups: is it permissible or not?

Is it possible to connect one RCD to two machines in the bath

Power regulator for the compressor in the aquarium

Is it permissible to set the RCD to 50A if the input circuit breaker is 50A?

How to turn off the doorbell in the apartment using a switch

Can I use a transformer instead of a voltage regulator

PVA wire in a wooden house - prohibited or not?

Application of ШВВП 2х0.75 wires for connecting fixtures

Can I use a wire after a short circuit?

Laying open wiring on the ceiling - is it dangerous?

Is it possible to lay the cable in the corrugation on the street

Cable routing for sockets and switches in one cable channel

Cable laying on the roof of the building: PUE is prohibited or not

Is it possible to lay the cable under the lining in the house to the shield?

Cable routing near hot and cold water pipes

Is wiring allowed by a loop

Cable laying in transit through the room

Laying cable on the floor in an educational institution

Laying the temperature sensor cable together with the floor heating wire

Laying power and television cables in the wall

Laying pipes for the air conditioner in the cable shaft

Input by separate wires or VVG cable - which is better?

Laying the input cable from the floor board to the meter

Test extension cord for hidden damage

Laying the cable for the socket in an open way from the shield

Is it possible to conduct wiring from the outlet to the switch?

Establishment of SIP wires directly from the pole to the house

Cable routing under a concrete walkway - allowed or not

Installation of wiring on the ceiling in the house of aerated concrete

30 kW diesel generator power distribution

Load distribution in a two-story house

Separation of the PEN conductor in the metering board

Placing an electrical panel in a cabinet: is it permissible or not?

Changing the location of the terminal support of power lines

Fan speed control by dimmer

Is it possible to reprogram the electric meter myself?

Independent laying of the power cable from the shield to the apartment

Diesel engine generator

Is it possible to make electrical contact without plugs?

Is it possible to connect two halves of the house to one meter?

SIP branch from bare wire

Soft start of the motor through the halogen lamp protection unit

Device to disable the motion sensor in the stairwell

Is it possible to twist copper and aluminum at 12V DC?

Is it possible to twist the readings from the counter?

Is it possible to connect wires of different cross sections with soldering (1.5 kV and 2.5 kV)

Connection of PVA wires using PPE - is it reliable or not?

Wiring in the harness (pigtail) - is it allowed or not?

Is it worth studying for an electrician at 27?

Installation of the electric meter of 2007 of release: requirements and norms

Installation of halogen lamps in a ceiling luminaire

One difavtomat for lighting and sockets in the room

Extension of the wire through the outlet

Is it possible to remove the jumper between zero and ground in the shield

LED strip extension 5 meters by 1.5 meters

Extension of a cable of a heat-insulated floor: is it allowed or not?

Is it possible to lay two VVG cables in one strobe and corrugation?

Reducing the power of the electric boiler EVAN C1 9 220V

Electrical panels were placed above the door of the apartment - is this legal?

Installing a heating mat on a wall - acceptable or not?

Installation of sockets on mounting foam - is it possible or not?

Installing the outlet under the sink - is it allowed or not?

The distance from the fan to the DRL: are there any restrictions

Installation of current transformers on buses, different openings

Installing a dimmer for LED lamps - is it possible or not?

Electric meter installation height according to PUE and GOST

Electricity meter in one room with a gas boiler

Installing an incandescent lamp instead of an ammeter - is it possible

Introductory RCD at 63A at a load of 45A

Installing a voltage stabilizer at the converter output

Installing a general voltage relay on the floor - is it allowed or not?

Transformers for LED lamps burn out

Installation of one common RCD in the shield instead of three separate

Installation of broaching box U995 UHL2 IP54 open

Installing the RBUZ D40t voltage relay to 25A input

Connection of a three-phase boiler via a load priority relay

Is it possible to set the time relay to zero, and not to phase

10 mA RCD per wet group

Aquarium Fluorescent Power

Is it possible to install a switch without a neutral wire

Increasing the power of a gas generator

How to increase the power of a water heater so that it warms up faster?

Replacing the crown in the multimeter with a power supply

Is it possible to conduct wiring and Internet in one cable channel

Low location of the electric panel - to remodel or not?

Exploded battery charger in outlet

Damaged armored cable in an explosive area

Voltage measurement with high voltage clamps

Is it possible to take zero from another outlet

Replacing the machine with a more powerful one (higher than the face value)

LED lamp driver replacement

Is it possible to replace the capacitor with a higher voltage

Is it possible to replace the switch mechanism without changing the frame

Replacing finger batteries with a phone charger

Replacing the wire and ammo in the chandelier

Replacing a 250V 2.5A electric plug with a 250V 6-10A plug

Replacing the fan on the welding machine

Replacing an input device in an apartment building

Replacing the input cable in Khrushchev with copper

Replacing the switch with a dimmer in the finished unit with a socket

Zeroing the boiler in the apartment, if there is no grounding

Is it allowed to connect a drill to a 36V outlet?

Starting DNaT with a throttle from the DRL: connection diagram, IZU, throttle

Grounding to the elevator shaft: possible or not

Grounding the outlet in the bathroom from the bath itself

Grounding the washing machine from the bath

Replacing the controller for remote control of the chandelier

How to choose a desk lamp for a student, reading and working

What electric meter is needed in an apartment with an electric boiler?

How to choose a controller for LED strip and which is better

How to choose an extension cord and which is better for different conditions

The effect of resistors in mid and high pass filters

Replaced opening bag in the flap

The lamp does not turn off the light switch - what to do?

We connected a single-phase electric meter to 380V - did it burn out?

How many amperes should an introductory machine put in a private house?

Laptop battery life 12 V 12ah

VAZ 2106 voltage drops after changing the fuse

There is no charge on the VAZ 2107 and will not start, the generator is working

After plastering the walls, the spotlight blinks

Why is the extension cord heated when a 400 W floodlight is connected

Input machine warms up when power consumption is exceeded

Nivona 767 coffee machine says “Fill the system” - what to do

The norm of voltage in the network: 220 or 230 volts?

Voltage on wire armor and yellow-green wire

Electric oven is shocking - what to do

Different voltage of the charger and rechargeable

Contact voltage: standards, protective measures, conditions of occurrence

Infrared heaters harmful or not - 5 facts

The danger of the washing machine without grounding

Grounding in Khrushchev near the entrance - is it legal

How to set up a motion sensor for lighting - instructions

How to configure MW10 motion sensor?

How to configure RT-820M thermal relay?

Voltage on the handle of the high voltage disconnector

Circuit breaker: device, principle of operation, purpose

The structure of the common ground network on the PGR, the purpose of the elements

Fan heater power switch burned out

The touch panel does not work for the air grill - what's the matter?

Why halogen lamps do not light after replacing the LEDs

Readings on the counter do not change - what to do

Connecting a two-gang switch - diagram for two lamps

Is it possible to charge the radio with 2-ampere charging instead of 1 Ampere

The dishwasher does not switch the water temperature

Hob indicator malfunction - causes

Steam cleaner does not produce steam - what to do?

LG TV power supply does not work - what should I do?

The drill power button does not work - what should I do?

The electricity does not work in the house - what is the reason?

Single-phase motor does not work - what is the problem

Electric curlers do not heat up - how to carry out repairs yourself?

High voltage capacitor in an energy-saving lamp

Iron does not heat up in Comfort Vapo Professional ironing system

48/220 inverter burned out if connected incorrectly - can it be repaired?

Coffee machine Saeco Royal writes Hot Water - what to do?

What to do if the hotplate does not work on the electric stove?

One Genius column does not work - what to do and how to repair

Homemade cell does not work: reasons

The light and the hood in the bathroom do not turn on - the reason

The sockets in the bathroom stopped working - is it dangerous?

The circuit breaker does not turn off during short circuit - reasons

Why the drain in the washing machine does not work after parsing

Hotpoint Ariston CIS LI 420 dishwasher does not work

Luxeon 2500VA voltage regulator does not turn on - what to do

The electric hob does not turn on, the sensor does not work

Computer speakers do not turn on - what is the reason?

Daewoo refrigerator does not turn off - what is the reason?

The electric motor does not start - causes and malfunctions

The launcher does not work - what is the reason

When you turn on the dishwasher, the drain pump turns on

How to fix a power outlet if it falls out, sparks, or doesn’t work

When the boiler is turned on, Evan EPO-6 clicks the magnetic starter

Damage to electrical installations: types, causes, protection methods

What kind of detail is there in the T.S.M. RT-240M amplifier?

Hot plates heat up and cool down cyclically: reasons

Powerful computer connection through rectifier and inverter

Do I need to put a pole to connect electricity to the site

Do I need to change the wiring in the apartment, if the house is more than 40 years old

Arduino combination lock - scheme

The problem with the wiring and power surges in the new building - where to go

The second key of the two-key light switch does not work

Incorrect meter connection

Is it possible to redo the connection of a fan with a timer in the bathroom?

Neptun ProW + Wi-Fi: an overview of the module for protection against water leaks

Uneven heating of the heating element - causes

Stopping to flick a spotlight with a rukh sensor

Turning on one lamp in different groups with a two-key switch

Why there is no marking of footage on the VVGng cable

There is no tension in the house - what to do?

50 volt outlet: where to look for a malfunction, what to do

One bulb burned out and now there is no light at all (5 lamps)

Low voltage in several outlets in the apartment - reasons

Time for the night electricity tariff in 2016

Why is a phase wire connected to an electric bell?

Which machines to choose for a washing machine, boiler and oven

They constantly turn off the light in the village - is it legal?

Standards for the installation of backup machines in an electrical panel

The allocated power of electricity to the apartment with electric stove

Is there a power outage rate for a month, a day?

Royal Thermo Steel Panel Radiators: Product Overview

Overvoltage protection device in a house - development of an engineer

How to choose a smart switch with or without a zero wire?

Connecting an electric stove in an apartment

Electronic ballasts for DNAT lamps: do I need a choke and starter, IZU?

Is it mandatory to install an electrical panel in an apartment

The need to place a single-line circuit in the control panel

Potential equalization system in a new building

Connection diagram for a float pump

Scheme of connecting two LED spotlights to the network

Zero bus connection in the ballast

Is it necessary to change the electric meter to a new one if the service life has not gone out

How to understand that you need to change the wiring in the apartment

The electric meter does not wind - do I need to change it?

Do I need to change the cable while increasing power consumption?

Do I need to change the old electricity meter to a new one in the apartment

Connection of a three-phase generator to a single-phase network

Sealing a machine in front of an electric meter

Do I need to connect three phases to a house with electric heating

Connection of a dishwasher and chopper through an RCD

Do I need to do grounding in a private house?

Three-phase ultrasound does not work

Do I need a separate cable for the hob in the new building

The indicators on the NEVA 303 electric meter do not light - what is the reason?

Removing static voltage from underfloor heating and protection against electric shock

Coordination for bringing electricity to a private house 380V

Do I need an automatic machine in front of the counter in the electrical panel in the entrance?

Separate difavtomat on the balcony for underfloor heating

Installation of an electric meter in a dormitory room of a sectional type

Is it safe to leave electrical appliances plugged in?

Checking the electricity meter before installation - is it necessary or not?

Electric cooker connection: do I need a separate cable

Do I need to protect the cable with open wiring in the garage?

Contactor control coil protection

Is grounding necessary if an RCD is installed on the water heater?

Grounding of cast iron radiators

Grounding the ground wire at the entrance to the house

Laying infrared warm floors along the walls under the furniture