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Partial replacement of wiring in an apartment and a private house - 10 rules

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Frequent use of the outlet to charge the phone and tablet

Frequency converter: device, principle of operation, purpose

Errors in heating concrete with electrodes and a heating cable

Complete electrical installations with protective equipment

Zero breakage in a three-phase and single-phase network - consequences

Phase imbalance in a three-phase network: causes, consequences, protective measures

Danger of connecting the hob to an ordinary power outlet

Danger of damage to the wire in the wall

EMF and voltage in an electric circuit - what is the difference

GOST and TU cable: what is the difference and what is better to choose

Alternating and direct current: what is the difference between them

The difference between the extension cord and the surge protector

Transformer and autotransformer: difference in design and operation

Grounding and grounding: what is the difference and which is better

The difference between ABB modular switches with different currents

Traces of wires on the wallpaper - what is the reason

What happens if you connect 220 V to 12 V?

Incorrect connection of the circuit breaker - what will happen?

How does the earth connection to the neutral wire affect the meter

Computers burn down at night - what is the reason and what to do

The voltage relay trips on one phase in a three-phase network

The electric motor twists in the opposite direction after getting wet

The socket sparks when you turn on the plug of the refrigerator or curling iron

The outlet sparks when the laptop plug is turned on

Sparks plug from washing machine when plugged into outlet

From the outlets in the apartment it smells rotten - the reason

After flooding the apartment, the off LED lamps blink

LED lamp flashes with a backlit switch

The light blinks when you turn on the warm floor: what to do

On two phases of three, a voltage of 400 V - what is the reason?

The light turns off on the post and the Internet - what should I do?

Wiring in the apartment is being heated - what is the reason?

Mains voltage 170 Volts - what to do

No water comes from the coffee machine: what are the reasons and what to do

Motion sensor with an intermediate relay does not work: what is the reason

Diesel generator smokes and shuts down - what to do

Forall electric stove does not work - what should I do?

The button does not work on the columns - how to fix it?

The steam cleaner does not work - what is the reason and what to do?

LED chandelier does not work - what to do?

WS2812B LED strip does not work - what should I do?

The speakers on the computer do not work - what to do

Outlets in the apartment stopped working - what should I do?

Outlets in the apartment do not work: causes and methods of repair

The machine was knocked out and does not turn on - what to do, where to go

The refrigerator does not chill, but it works - what is the reason?

There is no light in the general corridor, but there is in the stairwell - the reason

Electrician connected the neighbors to our meter: what to do

Electrician discovered a tie-in to the power grid from past owners

Broken wire from a pillar to a house - what to do

Weak voltage in a country co-op due to one consumer

Refuse to fill the electricity meter - what to do

The hob has peeled off - how to stick it?

The 63A 100 mA input difavtomat is disconnected - what should I do?

The power turns off, but the machine does not turn off - what should I do?

Voltage drops to 160 volts when the load is turned on

Bulbs in an apartment constantly burn out - what is the reason?

Mixed phase and zero in outlets

There is no light in the kitchen with suspended ceilings - what should I do?

Socket from washing machine and water heater is melting

LED lamps constantly burn out - the reason

Dishwasher constantly draws water - what to do

Damaged wiring with a self-tapping screw: what to do and how to restore

SNT chairman threatens to limit house power - what to do

Is it dangerous to replace a circuit breaker with an RCD?

Water in the bathtub while bathing is shocking - what to do

After replacing the batteries in the column with the power supply, the phone is buggy

The light and the TV blink when the induction stove is turned on

Smokes wiring when the light is turned on - what should I do?

The light in the apartment was gone, but the neighbors have, the machines are on

The phase in the apartment has disappeared: what is the reason and what to do?

Missing electricity in half the apartment - is it dangerous?

An energy-saving lamp crashed: what to do and whether it is dangerous

The socket falls out of the wall - how to fix it in concrete and drywall

The machine warms up in the shield - how dangerous is it and what to do?

Electric meter shakes a lot - what to do?

Weak tension in the apartment - what to do?

I broke the seal on the electric meter - what should I do?

A neighbor connected to my power supply - what to do

A neighbor connected to my power supply - what should I do?

Low voltage after flooding the apartment

The circuit breaker knocks out after 5 minutes of operation

Knocks an RCD without a load - what is the reason and what to do

Knocks out RCD 100 mA and 300 mA - what to do

The antimagnetic seal has worked - what should I do?

How to open a washing machine if it is locked

Indesit WIUN 81 washing machine freezes program - what to do?

Water getting on the switchboard - what to do and where to go

RCD works on lighting: what is the reason and what to do

It smells like wiring in an apartment - what to do and where to call

Alteration of electrical wiring in an apartment from single-phase to three-phase

Mains voltage 100-140 Volts - what to do?

Why is the electric shock in the bathroom and what to do to solve the problem

The hob switches off after a few seconds

Water in the apartment is beating electric shocks due to neighbors - what to do

Knocks out a 10 amp machine - what to do

When you turn on the oven, the machine knocks out - what should I do?

Water gets into the outlet and knocks plugs - what to do

The wire fell out of the light switch - where and how to connect?

The outlet exploded when the extension cord is turned on - what to do

The refrigerator is shocking: what is the reason and how to eliminate it

The refrigerator is constantly working and does not turn off - what to do

Steam cleaner clogged - how to clean it?

Magnetic starter contacts stick - what to do

Shorted the wires on the battery in the car - what to do

Earthing is shocking - what is the reason and what to do

The action of the victim when exposed to electric current

Electrics before plaster or after: how to do it and how cheaper

What to add to the circuit so that the LED lamp does not blink

How to make a complete power outage on an electric boiler

How to protect against surge surges

I can not determine the electrical appliance - it looks like a stabilizer

Diagram of a diode bridge with two diodes and two capacitors

What do you need to connect a single-phase motor?

Duralight or LED strip: which is better for the street and ceilings

Three-phase voltage relay or three single-phase - which is better

Voltage stabilizer or voltage monitoring relay

Comparison of LED lamps and energy-saving - which is better

Fan heater or convector: which is better for heating a house

SPD or ultrasound: what is better to put in the shield?

RCD or difavtomat: what is better to choose for electrical wiring

PVA or VVG: what is better to choose and what is the difference

Impact drill or hammer drill: what is the best choice for home

The electrical panel clicks when a powerful load is turned on: reason

Induction Cooker Short Circuit

Connecting a chandelier to a 120 V network (in the USA)

Separate outlet for the refrigerator - what materials are needed?

Heater turn-by-turn - what equipment is needed?

What materials are needed to power the construction site

Accessories for assembly of the shield 380V, power 15 kW

Conducting electricity to the land for ATO participants

How to choose an exhaust fan for a bathroom, toilet, kitchen

Marking and designation of sensors in the diagram

What electric current is more dangerous for a person: alternating or direct

LG microwave gives error E-02 - reason

Supra Air Grill Error E1 - What Malfunction?

Explanation of the marking of the cable VVGNG-LS

What to put in the switchboard of a village house instead of traffic jams

What will happen if the motor is connected through a contactor

Drying and start-pause indicators on the dishwasher

LED bulbs blink - what to do?

The sequence of connecting the RCD and the voltage relay in the electrical panel

Active, reactive and apparent power in an alternating current circuit

Anode and cathode: what it is, how to identify and remember them

Antimagnetic seal on the electric meter: types and principle of operation

Asynchronous motor: device, principle of operation, purpose

Automatic frequency unloading of AChR: purpose and principle of operation

Brushless DC motor: operating principle, device, types

Bipolar transistors: device, principle of operation, switching circuits

Stray currents: causes and protection against them

Phase rotation in a three-phase network - what is it and how to check

Color temperature of LED lamps: table for optimal selection

Hall sensor: device, principle of operation and purpose

Voltage divider: device, principle of operation, purpose

Dielectric Losses in Dielectrics

Difavtomat: device, principle of operation, purpose

Dimmer: device, principle of operation, purpose

Dimmable LED lamps: principle of operation, description, manufacturers

Diode bridge: device, principle of operation, purpose, circuit

Chatter of contacts: causes and methods of dealing with it

Throttle device, principle of operation and purpose

What is EMF (electromotive force): definition in simple words

SF6 circuit breakers: device, principle of operation, purpose

Electric arc: causes and methods of application

Electric capacitance: definition, formulas, units

Dielectric strength: definition and causes of decrease

Electric heat accumulator: device and principle of operation

Electric current: what it is and how it arises

Electric charge: what is it and how is it measured

Electric field: definition, characteristics, properties

Electrification of bodies: determination, conditions of occurrence, application

Electrolytic grounding: purpose, device, installation

What is an electronic amplifier and what is it for?

Natural grounding: what can be used and what not

Phasometers: purpose, device and principle of operation

Phase indicator: principle of operation and rules of use

Electric feeder - what is it?

Photoresistor: device, principle of operation, characteristics

Harmonics in electrical networks: what is it and how are they dangerous

Reed switches: technical specifications, operating principle, purpose

Hysteresis in electrical engineering and electronics: what is it

Deaf earthed neutral: principle of operation, circuit, application

GSM socket: operating principle, functions, rules of use

Pulse relay: device, principle of operation, purpose

Isolated neutral: what it is and where it is applied

Insulating rod: types, tests, rules of use

Insulating ticks: purpose, design, test frequency

Inductor: device, principle of operation, purpose

DC Brush Motor: Design and Function

Capacitor: device, principle of operation, application

Cross-module: purpose, dimensions, scope

Cam switch: device, principle of operation, purpose

Overcurrent protection: operating principle, purpose, circuit

Contactor: device, purpose, principle of operation

Induced voltage and protection against it

Power limiter: device, principle of operation, purpose

Overvoltage limiter: device and principle of operation

Separators and short circuits: purpose, design, principle of operation

Batch switch: device, purpose, principle of operation

Redone circuit breakers: punishment for their use

Power overload: causes, consequences, protective measures

Network overvoltage: causes, types, consequences

Portable grounding: purpose, device, application

Contact transient resistance: standards and measurement procedure

Fuses: device, principle of operation, purpose

There is no potential at zero - what does it mean

Intermediate relay: purpose, principle of operation, device

Conductors, semiconductors and dielectrics in an electric field

Cable burning: methodology, scheme, settings

Ripple of LED lamps: causes, norms, verification methods

Phase control relay: device, principle of operation, purpose

Relay protection: purpose, types, device

Resistor: device, principle of operation, purpose

Resonance of currents and voltages: conditions of occurrence and application

Rotor and stator of an electric motor: definition, types, purpose

Self-induction: definition, formula, practical application

Self-propelled electric meter: causes and methods of elimination

Selectivity of protection of an electric network - what is it?

Servo: device, principle of operation, purpose, types

Line filter: device, principle of operation, purpose

Stepper motor: device, principle of operation, scope

Lorentz force: formula, definition and direction

Power cable: definition, types, purpose

Triac: device, principle of operation, scope

Synchronous motor: principle of operation, device, purpose

ASKUE: device, principle of operation, installation procedure

ASTUE: decoding, principle of operation, difference from ASKUE

Induction motor slip: what it is and how to find it

Voltage stabilizer: device, principle of operation, purpose

Static electricity: causes and methods of control

Degree of protection IP - interpretation according to GOST, table of values

Telemetric counter output - what is it?

Load cell: device, principle of operation, wiring diagram

Thermal relay: device, principle of operation, purpose

Thermistor: device, principle of operation, purpose, types

Zero-sequence current protection: principle of operation and purpose

Do-it-yourself pipe installation under the counter on the site

Solid state relay: device, principle of operation, purpose

Indicator relay: device, principle of operation, purpose

Smart Lamps with Remote, Battery, Speaker - Overview

Leakage current in the apartment: causes and measures of protection

RCD: device, principle of operation, purpose

Varistor: device, principle of operation and purpose

Foucault eddy currents: causes and application

Automatic air circuit breaker: device and principle of operation

Input-distribution devices (ASU): purpose, types, equipment

Load breaker: device, principle of operation, purpose

Protective grounding: device, purpose, principle of operation

Wire break protection and dangerous step voltage

Grounding: device, principle of operation and purpose

Star and triangle in an electric motor: connection principle and differences

What to install at the entrance to the apartment in the shield?

What kills: current or voltage, and why it happens

Difavtomat or RCD and automatic - what is better to choose

Oil indicator on the transformer TMGF 1000/10 / 0.4

Color marking of wires from the boiler

Color of wires phase, zero, ground in electrical wiring according to PUE

The scheme for connecting the LED strip to the power supply and 220 volt network

RCD connection diagram in a single-phase network with grounding and without ground

Do you need an outdoor temperature sensor?

DIY thermoelectric generator: video, photo, manual

DIY flower lighting in the apartment: video, photos, tips

How to make a backlight in the cabinet with your own hands: video, photo, instructions

How to make a staircase lighting with an LED strip

How to make your own bathroom mirror lights

Resistor Voltage Divider Calculation: Online Calculator

How to determine the diameter of the core with a cross section of 1.5 mm.sq.?

Online fuse fuse calculation

Wire cross section for 2 A fuse - how to choose

Can I connect the C16A / 30 mA diflavomat in the bathroom

Dimmer for LED strip does not respond to the control panel

How to connect a switch with a dimmer and Wi-Fi for a chandelier

What is the cable line length?

Custom outlet - how to determine the purpose?

I can not understand why I need an aluminum wire with a plug

Automatic reserve input (ABP): purpose, types, scheme

Why do I need an electrical panel in the apartment?

Zero in a three-phase electricity meter

Phase switch: device, principle of operation, wiring diagram

Feed-through switch: principle of operation, device, purpose

Cable purpose on VLEP support

UZM-51M: operating principle, purpose and connection diagram

Wi-fi light switch: operating principle, types, connection diagram

Automatic restart: purpose and principle of operation

Main earthing bus: device requirements and purpose

Zero bus: device, purpose, characteristics

Repeated grounding of VLI: circuit, video, PUE standards

Overcurrent relay: device, principle of operation, purpose

Relay priority loads: the principle of operation and purpose

Dielectric gloves: purpose, rules of use, tests

Assigning additional contacts in the contactor

What is phase, zero, earth in electrics and why are they needed

NShVI tips: sizes, types, crimping rules

Non-disconnected lines in the shield: circuit with RCD, voltage relay, starter

Can I add an automatic machine to the shield through the jumper?

DRL lamp operation 150 W with IZU 70 W

How long will the direct connection of aluminum with copper last (twisting)

What should be the cable cross-section for wiring in an apartment or house

How to draw a separate line to sockets in the apartment?

Do cable trays need to be grounded if interconnected

Is it possible to connect a switch from another switch

Crossing wiring in an apartment - is it allowed to do or not?

Connection of sockets with a loop in the clinic - allowed or not

Serial connection of lamps to the switch

Cable passage through partitions according to PUE

Is it possible to put UZM-51m 63A on a group of consumers with 25A?

Permissible load on the electric meter marked 5-17 A

The intersection of the cable with fire water

Direct contact of copper and aluminum wires in the machine

Permissible branch distance from support to entry

Replacement of the relay in the electric boiler Rubin 9 kW after reflow

How to make a fan with a humidity sensor turn on from the switch?

Armored 5 * 4 copper cable for entry into the house - load

Access to automatic machines in electric boards of entrances (on the site)

Using a choke to protect against power surges

Duplication of grounding from the apartment panel to the floor

Is it possible to combine 2 cables of 2.5 mm.kv. into one?

Is the coil of the solenoid compressed when current flows through it?

The two-key switch turns off both lines with one button

The two-tariff counter mixed up day and night: what is the problem and what to do

Do-it-yourself economical heating system for a private house

How to save electricity in an apartment and a private house - tricks

Installation of the electric heating kettle "on dry"

Circuit Design: Online Calculator

Two-key switch connection scheme for two bulbs

Wiring diagram in the garage for 220 and 380 V

Wiring diagram in a one-room apartment and assembly options for the shield

Why does the oven turn off immediately after turning it on

Warm floor in a wooden house - installation diagrams

Do-it-yourself electricity from the earth: diagram, video, ideas

Ground connection to the zero bus in the panel

Kettle does not turn off when boiling - how to fix

Connecting an electric oven to a conventional outlet

Scarlett SC-4003 electronic clock does not work - what should I do?

Electronic clock does not show time - what is the reason?

Electronic gas meter does not show numbers - what to do

Electronic meter does not show readings - what to do?

Electric heating in the apartment: installation permit

Scheme of electrification of cabins and construction trailers

What to do if the electric meter shakes a lot of electricity?

Electricity meter winds too much: what is the reason and what to do

Energy in a capacitor: online calculator and formula

Will there be electricity if the meter fails

If you connect wires of different sections, which one will burn off first?

Grounding a steel sink in the kitchen - is it necessary or not?

A phase wire longer than zero - is it okay?

Will the electric boiler consume less if you turn off the heating elements?

Load switch in the apartment panel - to put or not?

A sensor that turns on and off the light when crossing the line

Which wire should go to the switch: phase or zero?

Hob phase on hob - reason

Wiring diagram for the house: checking the ratings of machines and RCDs

Operation of halogen lamps with a protection unit

Is it possible to combine a gas stove and electric oven?

Outlets in the bathroom: location and installation requirements of the PUE

Where to buy a control board for hood Eleyus Jantar?

LED color temperature requirements

IT grounding system: diagram, scope, description

Why is it forbidden to connect two lines to one switch?

Location of fuses in the IKEA hob

Where in the two-key light switch is zero and earth?

Homeowners Association does not issue technical conditions for connecting electricity

The location of the input cable and distribution boxes in Brezhnevka

Sealing the entry of signal cables into the freezer

Immersion Depth of the Vertical Earthing Switch

The LED lamp lights when the light is off - is this normal?

Why the indicators on the counter light when the devices are off

The speaker coil is warming - what is the reason and what to do

The USB LED garland at the connection site is heated

Turning on the heating cable in an empty pipe - is it dangerous?

Why is the pump buzzing when draining the water from the washing machine?

The washing machine buzzes off

The pump in the washing machine is buzzing when draining water - the reason

How to make a street lamp with your own hands: photos, videos, tips

Installing the seal on the box in which the electric meter is located

ElecroExpert - site for electricians and about electricity

Lit “H” on Ariston induction hob - what to do?

Why does the meter make a sound (clicks) under load?

Direct wire inductance: online calculation in a calculator

Synchronous voltage limiter (ONS) - effective surge protection

How to learn to ring wires and automatic machines in a guard?

How to install air conditioning in an apartment on your own

How to use the light meter: video, photo, instructions

How to use the oscilloscope: instruction video

How to connect a euro outlet with grounding: video, photo, diagram

Connecting a instantaneous water heater to the mains and water supply

How to connect a voltage relay and install on a din rail

How to assemble a 380v electricity metering board with your own hands

How to choose a thermal relay for an engine in terms of power and current

How to change the plug on the wire: video, photo, instruction

How to replace the heater in the washing machine: video, photo, instructions

How to make a mini drill from a motor with your own hands

How to install a wall socket in a concrete, brick wall and drywall

Armature for mounting a SIP cable from a pole to a house: description

How to hide sockets in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom - 20 ideas

Can I use a DC circuit breaker in the apartment

Are capacitors K75-17 suitable for a three-phase motor

Is it possible to use a three-wire wire if there is no grounding

Can I use a 4.7A laptop battery, not 3A?

Is it possible to ground the washing machine to the bath

Test of arrester: standards, procedure, sample protocol

2 loops of wires stick out from the sconces, do they need to be cut?

What is the end coupler of a two-core cable for underfloor heating?

Replacing two single-key switches with one two-key

Overuse of electricity in the apartment in one month - the reason

Washer buzzing while drawing water - what is the reason?

Increased electricity consumption at night - the reason

How to increase the voltage in the outlet for powering the oven

Replacing a current transformer - I will pay less or more

How to check a block (signaling device or sensor) with a megohmmeter?

Is it necessary to isolate lightning protection from metal?

Insulation of wires with liquid rubber in a 220 V network

Distribution networks for supplying welding current sources

Connecting an electric boiler of 15 kW to the mains

Water got into the pipe with the AVVG cable - will the insulation protect?

UV resistant cable brand

Brand of cable for outdoor installation

Cable for laying outdoors on the air and in the ground - brand overview

Cable underground or over the air: the best and most reliable

Cable stocking: device, purpose, sizes

How to turn off the light in the apartment through the flap

Low voltage - what to do and where to complain

A 100 volt outlet: what to do and how to increase the voltage in the country

Do-it-yourself dismantling of old wiring - what is important to know

Dimming LED Chandelier from LED strips

Electric lock and remote control in reverse circuit

New power distribution box for connecting outlets in the bathroom

How to add a socket without wall chipping

Meter throughput - how to calculate it

How long can I use car charging

Which is better: turn off the light or leave it on

The lamp base is left in the cartridge - how to get it?

How is the cable attached to the cable?

Sealing cable glands: standards and methods

Tapping without tearing and cutting - an overview of the best ways

How to get 380 Volts from 220 - a review of the methods

Surge protection during relay operation

Elimination of overvoltage in the network

Convector cracking when heated and cooled - what to do

How to enable reverse on Schneider Electric ATV312

Measuring the frequency of alternating current in the network: devices and methods

AC and DC voltage measurement: methods

Cable insulation resistance measurement: video, photo, circuit

Grounding resistance measurement: methods and frequency

Phase-zero loop measurement: methodology, instruments, frequency

Classification of premises by hazard of electric shock

Short-term power outage when the stabilizer reboots

Connecting an electric oven to a conventional outlet

What is the best way to connect an electric stove: to 380 or 220 volts?

Is the induction hob connected directly or from an outlet?

Connecting a screwdriver to a charger or power supply

Put the machine before or after the RCD: how will it be right?

What is the best way to branch out to sockets if there are a lot of them?

What is the best way to make grounding in a private house (input 380V)?

Resistor markings with color bars and numbers

Installation of external outlets on wooden walls according to PUE

How to cut an LED strip: video, photo, instructions

Volume control for radio points in the apartment

How to improve the lighting in the room without changing the lamp?

Electric shock in the sauna: how to find the cause and eliminate it

How to find a short circuit in the wiring of a house and apartment

How to determine the cable break in the wall

Finding a place for cable damage: methods, videos, devices

How to find power, knowing the current strength, voltage and resistance

How to find a wire break in a concrete wall?

Devices for detecting hidden wiring in the wall

How to find a junction box in the wall: video + instruction

How to find current through power, resistance and voltage

How to find your machine in the driveway

RCD trips - how to find a current leak

How to find a short circuit in the wiring

Search for a short circuit and a break in the cable with a multimeter

Neighbors steal electricity: how to prove and where to turn

Punishment for improper wiring

How to build an aluminum wire in the wall from the switch

How to configure a socket with a timer for cyclical inclusion of electricity

Learning to read electrical circuits - where to start?

Determination of the brand of cable from the photo

Pressure responsive button

The name of the copper cable, which has 2 layers of rubber insulation

Outlet health tester

What is the name of the lamp on the ceiling of Armstrong?

The correct name for garden colorful lanterns

How not to get into the wiring when drilling walls and ceilings

Cable routing in trays and boxes: standards, instructions, photos

Cable routing in hazardous areas: methods and requirements

Joint laying of power and low-current cables: methods and requirements

Electrical safety in the TN-C power supply system

Protecting children from electric shock - what is important to know

A neighbor steals electricity through a power outlet - how to determine

Designation of the transformer TRDN-32000/220 in the diagram

The symbol of the LED lamp on the plan according to GOST

Ground cable designation

Crimped twisted pair: diagram, video, instruction

Termination of wires and cables: methods, video, requirements

Sealing the electricity meter after removing the seal

A neighbor connected to my counter: how to determine this?

How to determine the connection of zero to a gas pipe as a neighbor

Determining the place of burning zero in the apartment

How to find out which ground wire?

Definition of a radiator in an LED lamp before purchase

Neighbors steal electricity through a power outlet - how to find out?

Phase on the neutral wire - how to determine the malfunction

Treadmill Engine Power

Determination of electric motor power by current, dimensions, shaft diameter

How to determine the voltage of a power line by the appearance and number of insulators

Determination of unknown transformer parameters

Definition of wires when connecting a ceiling chandelier

How to determine the cross section of a wire by its diameter: table, video, formulas

How to determine how much electricity a neighbor stole?

How to determine the connection diagram of the motor windings without a nameplate

How to identify a capacitor if it is not labeled?

RCD electronic or electromechanical: how to distinguish

How to organize automatic opening and closing of a door by timer

Attic lighting - photos and tips for choosing fixtures

Lighting in the courtyard of a private house: photo + practical tips

Rope lightning protection: what is it and how to install it

Grounding electrical appliances in a private house

Reverse motor AC and DC: wiring diagrams

Connecting an electric cooker outlet from another outlet

Disconnecting a house from electricity in a legal way

How to distinguish zero from ground when connecting a plate

Induction sensor in the diagram: how to distinguish pnp from npn

Earth and zero of the same color - how to distinguish

DIY hot air grill repair: video, troubleshooting overview

Dimmer does not work: causes of failure and repair methods

DIY convector repair: video, photo, instructions

Toaster electromagnet repair - what can you advise?

Garland repair in case of board failure

Skarlett sc-4002 electronic clock rushing: what is the reason and what to do?

DIY fluorescent lamp repair: videos and tips

One of the chandelier modes does not work with the remote control - what to do

TV remote control does not work - how to repair

The light on the hood of Elinor ceased to turn on - what to do

Blown LED lamp: what to replace and how to repair

The wires in the floor lamp on the switch came off - what should I do?

Repair of the Soviet dimmer

How to remake a car from ICE to an electric motor (RC model)

Alteration of the lamp for LED lamps

Reprogramming the electricity meter in 2019

Recalculation of consumed electricity in an apartment building

Convert amperes to kilowatts and watts: table, formulas, examples

How to make a transition from one phase to another in a house

Marking of single-wire and multi-wire cable cores

Broken wire in a curling iron - how to repair?

Power connection to a rotating lamp

DIY on-door speakerphone connection: diagram, video, photo

Connecting a 12V fan heater to a 220V network: what you need to do

Connecting two-gang walk-through switches: diagram

Load connection via time relay - circuit

Connecting fans and a luminaire to a three-gang switch

Connecting 4 motion sensors to 4 spotlights - where is the error?

A button with 4 contacts broke - how to connect wires directly?

Connecting an address led strip to arduino

how to connect a 220 volt induction motor

Connecting car headlights in the house: how to implement

How to connect the bath to electricity from home

How to connect a gas generator to the network at home

Connecting a proximity sensor to a magnetic starter

Connection of a block of two switches and a socket

DIY connection of the boiler to the power grid - instructions

Installation and connection of a sconce to a network: video, scheme, instruction

Connecting the circulation pump to the mains: 2 circuits

Connecting a motion sensor for lighting: video, photo, diagrams

Connecting a motion sensor with a light switch

Connecting wires to the motion sensor in the entrance

How to turn off the light switch so that only the motion sensor works?

Connecting a photo relay for street lighting: video, diagram, instruction

Connecting different sensors to one power supply

Woodworking machine IE-6009A2.1: connection diagram

Connecting a difavtomat for a boiler

Connecting a difavtomat for a washing machine

Connecting a difavtomat and do-it-yourself installation: diagram, video, photo

Connecting a dimmer with a switch to a chandelier and lamps

Wiring diagram for dimmer to two-gang switch

Dimmer connection and do-it-yourself installation - instructions

Connecting an LED strip through a passing dimmer

How to connect a home theater to a TV so that there is sound and video

Connecting the driver to the LEDs

Connect the oven and hob to a five-wire cable

Connecting the oven with a conventional plug to the RVSh 32-002 outlet

How to connect the oven if there is no grounding in the sockets?

Connection of electric motors for a string-navivny machine

Connection of two UPS in parallel to one line

Control of two groups of lamps from the remote control

Connect two powerful appliances to one outlet

Correct connection of two exhaust fans

How to connect two chandeliers to a double switch?

Connecting a two-gang switch to two chandeliers

Connecting the Elnor 220 engine to a 220 Volt network

Connecting the engine from a bobbin recorder to 220V

Motor connection without a circular saw controller

Connecting a two-phase hob to a difavtomat

How to connect a two-phase instantaneous water heater to an UZO

Wiring diagram for two-gang switch

Connecting a two-gang switch if there is no phase wire

How to connect a two-key switch with backlight?

How to divide lighting into two groups without dismantling the ceiling?

Connecting a two-tariff electric meter: diagram, video, instruction

Connecting an electric heating boiler: diagram, video, instruction

How to connect an electric motor if 4 wires come out

Connecting an electric boiler to a 380V diesel generator

Connection of the Haier HCX-5CDPW2 electric stove on two phases

Connect the garage to the mains: which machine, cable and meter to choose

Wiring diagram for generator with automatic reserve input

Connection of the Granit-300 converter to bulbs

Scheme of connecting the makeup mirror with a socket and a switch

Problems connecting the switch: no access to the distribution box

Connection diagram for BALLU heater and thermostat

Connecting the induction hob to the network

Connecting the logo in the car door

The connection diagram of the buttons on the miter saw Makita LH1040

Rexant button wiring diagram for cigarette lighter in car

Connection diagram of the capacitor to the exhaust motor

Connection diagram of the controller to the chandelier with remote control

How to connect a two-wire cable to a three-wire cable (hood)

Connection of a bulb and a switch from one wire

How to make an indication of the presence of mains voltage

Connecting the DKB-11 lamp to a 220 V network

How to make a garland of 5-volt LED strip?

Connecting a new chandelier in three wires: a diagram of how to connect

Connecting a chandelier to a double 5-light switch

Connecting a chandelier with a control panel: video, diagram, photo

How to connect a chandelier if there are 2 wires from the ceiling and 3 terminals from the chandelier

Connecting a chandelier with a fan without a speed switch

Connecting the Aqara Two-Key Switch to Two Chandeliers

Connecting a magnetic starter for 380 and 220v: diagram, video

PML 1220 02B - connection diagram to the engine

Connection of multicore wires and rules for their connection

How to connect an unknown brushless motor, 3 wires come out

Connecting two LED strips to the power supply

Zero when connecting a three-phase voltage regulator

How to connect an electric stove to 220 volts

How to connect a new outlet in parallel installed?

Connecting SCEN heaters in the garage

Replacing a dimmer with a conventional light switch

connection of a single-phase motor via a frequency converter

Scheme of connecting a single-phase generator to a three-phase network

Meter connection via surge suppressor

How to connect a socket from the wire to the light and another wire to the light?

How to connect a cross over switch: diagram with instructions

Connecting a 6-pin Coswall Crossover Switch

Connecting a cross switch: diagram, video, instruction

Connecting a soft starter to an electric saw

Connecting heated seats in a car

Chandelier and lighting in the room through a dimmer: wiring diagrams

Connection of illumination in a sliding wardrobe

How to connect a heated towel rail if 4 wires come out of it

Connecting an intermediate relay: video, diagram, instruction

Connection of a three-wire wire to the heater

Connecting SIP to the house: photo, video, an overview of the ways

Correct wiring through the WAGO terminal block

Connecting wires to the thermostat

How to connect wires to a light switch

Connecting wires by colors in the washing machine

Connection of wires in the oil heater after repair

How to connect the wires in the junction box to an outlet, chandelier and switches

Connecting a passing dimmer: diagram with instructions

Connecting a two-gang switch with a one-gang switch

Connecting the UCH-P002-G3 Uniel Remote

Connection of the pressure switch PM / 5-3W to the pump and 220 V network

Connection of voltage monitoring relay with contactor

Connection of voltage relay and stabilizer together

Connection of a three-phase voltage relay through a contactor

Time relay connection via voltage relay

Schneider Electric RENF22R2MMW Timer Connection

Scheme of connection of a timer: power supply 12V, output 12-220V

Connecting the outlet and switch block: a question on the scheme

Socket connection diagram via single-key switch

Definition of wires in a four-pin socket for a plate

How to connect a socket with a switch instead of a switch

Connecting the wall outlet from the battery so that it is 220 V

Connecting an outlet from a light switch with one key

Connecting the outlet from the switch on the balcony: diagram

Connect the barn to a three-phase network (380 V)

How to connect signal lamps of type LS-47 in an electrical panel?

Connection of a water heater and a washing machine to one wire

Connecting a washing machine and a boiler: how to do it better

How to connect a washing machine to the water supply, sewerage and electricity

Connecting SuiZ Pilot for a deep pump

Connect the Era Hand Dryer directly to the network

Connecting the welding machine to a household network

How to connect the lamp to 4 wires on the ceiling

Connecting wires to the ceiling luminaire

How to connect a lamp if there is only a phase wire

Connecting a three-wire luminaire to two wires

Connecting a lamp instead of an air conditioner on a wall

Connection of 7 lamps and switches to them: diagram and installation

Connecting the LED strip from the outlet

Connection of LED lamps and tape to a two-gang switch

Connecting a luminous Christmas tree to a network of 120 Volts

Connecting a telephone socket: diagram, video, photo

Connecting a TV outlet: video, diagram, photo

How to increase 12 volts to 100 volts for connecting a TV on a boat?

How to choose the cable cross section and the rating of the machine for a 9 kW heating element?

How to connect heating elements in a three-phase network, if there are 3 single-phase RCDs

Connecting a thermal relay: diagram, video, photo

Connection of a temperature regulator to an infrared heater

Connection of a temperature regulator to TENAM of a copper

Illuminated spotlight connection

Connecting a thick cable to the machine

Connection of a three-phase motor to a single-phase and three-phase network

Connection of the muffle furnace to the network through a thermostat

Connecting a three-phase voltage stabilizer: diagram and instructions

Connecting a three-arm chandelier to a single-key switch

Connection of a three-wire wire to a two-wire in the lamp

How to connect three lamps from one switch and one lamp from another

How to connect three nichrome spirals to increase power?

Connection of tubular LED lamps on the ceiling

Connection of a three-phase heater to a single-phase network

Connection of a three-phase electric motor to a single-phase network

Connection of a three-phase difragomat Legrand DX3 4P C40A 30mA

Connect the tumbler to the brush motor

SPD connection in the shield: diagram, video, photo

Connect the hob 220V to 380V

Connect the hob and oven to a 380V outlet

Location of voltage relay in the panel

Connecting the hob to two phases

Connection diagram for a fan in the bathroom and toilet

Connecting the DVR to the rear view camera

Connecting the lamp, switch and power outlet to the network

Scheme of connecting two bulbs to one switch

Circuit of connecting a switch to a convector heater

How to connect the switch from the outlet in the junction box?

How to replace the light switch if two wires stick out from the wall?

Rectifier connection for motor electromagnetic brake

How to connect Wi-fi Sonoff relay and light switch?

DIY connection of the refrigerator to the mains and water

Connect the oven, fridge and hob to one terminal

Connecting a charging station Autoenterprice

Connecting mirrors with backlight and heated bathroom

Connecting a mirror with backlight and a socket in the bathroom

Connecting a mirror with backlight from the cable for the lamp

Connection of the electric baking oven ШЖЕ-2

3-button electric bell connection

Call connection ZPS-11 / 1EM

LED driver: selection and measurement of characteristics

How to choose a lamp for a particular lamp

Voltage stabilizer for a two-room apartment: which one to choose

The rating of the input machine and the cable section at a load of 88 kW

Getting AC: methods and basic definitions

How to get 12 volts from 5, 24, 220 volts - an overview of the ways

How to become an electrician from scratch - where to start and where to study?

Stripper for stripping wires: which is better to use

Current clamp DT266 - how to use?

How to change zero to phase in the light switch?

Help me choose an E14 cartridge for replacement

Safe replacement of a three-gang switch with a two-gang switch

How to reduce engine speed from a grain mill

How to reduce AC and DC voltage

Calculation of power consumed by the machine

Calculation of power consumption of a coffee shop

Installation of the light switch in the gazebo

How to hang a chandelier on the ceiling: video, photo, instructions

How to hang a chandelier in a new building on the ceiling

How to hang a lampshade on a lamp?

How to increase voltage of direct and alternating current

How to hold the indicator screwdriver?

How to use the indicator screwdriver: instruction video

How to use a multimeter: video and instructions for dummies

Marking of wires and cables during installation in accordance with GOST and PUE

Part name for cable sealing in the wall

How to cut the lead-in cable to the apartment, what is needed for this?

How to transfer the outlet to another place: video and methods

How to connect the generator to the network at home: diagram, video, photo

Pulse relay connection for lighting control

Connecting an Internet outlet: diagram, video, photo

Connecting the pump of the washing machine - which wires where to connect

How to connect the voltage relay to the machines and RCD

Connecting the submersible pump to the mains and water supply system

Connection of the three-button Lezard switch

RCD connection: circuit, video, errors

Connecting a light switch with one, two, three keys

Scheme of connecting household buildings and a private house to the mains

Measurement of insulation resistance by a megohmmeter - method

Fastening the cable and fixtures outside to the insulated house

Cable laying in the ground: norms, rules and requirements

Wiring in a mobile bath: how to do it right

How to check the capacitor with a multimeter

How to use clamp meters: video with instructions

Outlets in the bedroom: location and height of installation from the floor

Phase load distribution: diagram, rules, video

Lighting of the fence: photo, lighting options, installation

Branch for connecting the outlet: how to connect

Transition from SIP to twisted aluminum cable: possible or not

Ditching walls for DIY wiring: video, photos, tips

How to twist wires: video, diagrams, instructions

Grounding a boiler in a private house - how to do it right?

DIY grounding in the garage: video, photo, diagram

How to remove the chandelier from the ceiling with your own hands

Connection of wires in a hotplate: selection of cable and method

Switch position when the light is on and off

Film underfloor heating under linoleum - installation procedure

Do-it-yourself installation and connection: instructions with photos

Do-it-yourself dryer installation and connection

How to choose an oil heater for an apartment and a house

How to choose a multicooker and what to look for in 2018

How to choose sockets and switches for an apartment and a house

A new way to protect against surge losses in the network

Which diode to choose for connecting an incandescent lamp?

Concrete warming up in winter: video, technologies, schemes

How to inform the electrician that before him the previous team was deceived?

How electricity is transmitted at a distance to consumers

Electricity Resumption: Procedure and Cost

Cable routing in cable ducts: PUE standards and technology

Cable routing through the doorway

Is it possible to lay the antenna cable on the ceiling

How to lay the cable from the floor electrical panel to the apartment

Fence cable routing: PUE requirements and installation methods

Cable routing under the road: methods, norms, requirements of PUE

Cable laying in the basement of a residential building: standards and requirements

Layout Requirements for the Low Voltage Extra Low Voltage Line

Wiring to a TV on the wall and the number of outlets

Laying the cable in the cable channel: instructions with photos

Cable routing for lighting in the washing section of the bath

How to check ballast for fluorescent lamps?

Testing the diode bridge with a multimeter: video with instructions

Checking the health of the capacitor on a rotary hammer

Checking circuit breakers up to 1000 V

I connected the LED strip to 220V, there was a short circuit

How to check the light switch with a multimeter, bulb, screwdriver

How to check a mercury lamp with a tester?

Checking the operability of the voltage indicator in the field

Checking the varistor for serviceability with a multimeter and without a tester

Testing a power tool: frequency, timing, methodology

How to spend 380 volts in a private house and what documents are needed

What do you need to connect 380 volts to a private house?

Connection of additional sockets from the junction box

Conducting electricity to the guest house on the plot

Do-it-yourself installation of electrical wiring under drywall

Wiring under a suspended ceiling: standards, photos, installation rules

Electrical wiring in the house of aerated concrete: video, photo, diagram

How to conduct electrical wiring in the baseboard?

Wiring in the floor: advantages, norms, installation rules

Do-it-yourself wiring in the bathroom according to the PUE and GOST

How to stretch the cable in the corrugation: video with instructions

Cable routing through a wall of wood, brick, concrete

Cable laying along the facade of the building: norms, rules of PUE and methods

How to route a cable to a bathroom for lighting and sockets

Copper wiring in the apartment: advantages and installation rules

How to conduct electrical wiring in an apartment without breaking the walls

How to draw a separate line to the house for 2 owners?

How to draw a separate line of open wiring in the room

Minimum electromagnetic radiation from wiring

Wiring in the house from SIP panels: video, photos, rules

How to make a socket in the toilet and how to route a cable to it?

Materials for laying hidden wiring in a wooden house

Cable voltage test: methodology, norms, terms

Calibration of electric meters: terms, methods, cost

Magnetic starter: device, principle of operation and purpose

Electricity meter: principle of operation, device, purpose

LED lamp: device, principle of operation, application

Wi-Fi outlet: principle of operation, functions, rules of use

Undervoltage protection: principle of operation and purpose

Puncture clamps for SIP wires: principle of operation

Calculating Battery Life: An Example with Formulas

Switch box exclusion with three switches

Charge distribution in the conductor: a brief explanation from the video

Calculation of power supply for a construction site

Grounding calculation for a private house: formulas, schemes, video

The value of electric arc thermal effects of workwear

Calculation of a warm electric floor by power and area

Lighting calculation for a studio apartment

Calculation of the illumination of the room: formulas and methods

Calculation of electricity according to the standard without a meter in 2017

Calculation of electricity consumption for current and voltage

Calculation of the power regulator for infrared heaters

Cable cross-section at a load of 3 kW and a line length of 80 meters

Calculation of the resistance of a wire by section, diameter, length - formulas

How to make an estimate for electrical work: a sample from the video

Short-circuit current calculation and circuit breaker settings

Calculation of a current transformer for a load power of 250 kW

Marking and decoding of electricity meters

Decoding cable AVBBSHV

Decoding marking cable MKESh

Is the 660 V6 PS a wire or a cable?

Interpretation of the wire SIP-4 2x16

Division of wiring into groups: examples, schemes, rules

Separation of the PEN conductor into PE and N according to the PUE: scheme and requirements

Layout of wiring in an apartment and a private house

Unwinding a cable from a drum: an overview of methods and devices

How to disassemble an external light switch?

How to disassemble the light switch: video + repair instructions

Electrical wiring on the second floor in a two-story house

How to distribute wiring in a three-story house by floors?

Adjusting the power of the heater: an overview of the methods

How to check the electricity meter at home for proper operation

DIY boiler repair: video, photo, instructions

How to fix a garland if the wires come off or the bulb burns out

The chandelier is off - how to repair it yourself

How to repair a light switch - repair manual

DIY LED lamp repair: instruction manual video

How to conduct electricity to the site in 2019 and how much does it cost

DIY antenna for digital TV: calculation and assembly rules

How to make an antenna for a TV with your own hands: video, photo, diagram

Architectural lighting of building facades: types, photos, installation

Self-picking relay wiring diagram for gas boiler

Do-it-yourself electric heating in the apartment

UPS bypass circuit

How to make wireless charging from wired (simple)

DIY lighting in the basement of a residential building and garage

How to make grounding in an apartment, if it is not there - instructions

Illumination of the ice town in the country

How to organize the inclusion of lighting through time