Lighting Remote Control Systems

Mass production of various remote control modules has long moved them from the exotic sector to the consumer goods sector. Today we’ll talk about devices that allow you to control the light in the house without getting up from the couch, or from anywhere through the Internet. After certain manipulations with the access ports of your home router, you can do remote control of lighting with your own hands. Below we consider the existing systems with which you can realize the desired reality.

Remote + Controller

So, let's start with the most common type - it is a remote control and a radio controller for one, two or three groups of consumers (lamps).

Remote and controller

The illustration shows a typical tandem remote control. As can be seen from the characteristics, the maximum load of light sources should not exceed 1000 watts. The remote controller is able to control three loads independently of each other. The fourth button on the remote control controls three loads at the same time, turn it on or off. The module is small in size and it is possible to mount it directly in the chandelier.

Radio control of the light is convenient because there is little to the signal propagation. Turning on and off can be done from another room. This switch allows you to include a joint load of different types of lamps, such as incandescent lamps, economical fluorescent lamps, LED, halogen. However, it does not provide for dimming - a smooth change in the brightness of the glow of light sources. To control the brightness through radio control, special controllers have been developed.

Radio dimmer photo

The nooLite device is equipped with a smart controller that determines the type of load and the ability to remotely control the brightness of the light source.

Please note that not all models of compact fluorescent and LED lamps allow you to adjust the brightness of the light flux. Learn more about adjustable devices in our review about dimmable led bulbs.

Installing a radio dimmer is no different from the previous device and is within the power of anyone familiar with the instructions. You can view a brief description of the system in this video:

NooLite System Overview

RGB controller

For newer light sources, such as LED strips, special controllers have been developed that allow you to adjust not only the brightness of the light, but also select the range of illumination.

Kit for connecting RGB tape

This is very useful for emotional "relaxation" or highlight a certain mood of the composition. This type of remote control of the LED strip allows you to give the interior a unique zest every time, as can be seen in the photo below:

Different lighting in the room

The creation of this type of lighting is possible for any handyman, all components can be purchased at the nearest radio or electric goods store. About, how to choose a controller for led strip, we told in a separate article.

Also interesting news appeared so to speak toys, lighting control via WIFI and a special application for a smartphone. You can learn more about remote control of light through a Wifi remote or a phone application by watching this video:

How to control the light through the phone

Ready-made devices for controlling the lighting in the house and apartment are good, but they do not always stand adequately, or not quite what you need, have low functionality. Keeping up with the times, home masters should pay attention to microcontrollers, which we will discuss later.

Arduino controller

Today, there is a wonderful system for independent development based on an inexpensive Atmega microcontroller, with adapted code and ready-made libraries, as well as a large community that will be happy to help. This project is called ARDUINO.


The first step will require a small investment and a lot of time in search and understanding of the topic. In the future, having mastered the basics and understanding the principle of programming, you can create any conceived device on the basis of ready-made modules. In the video below, the author describes the principle of building and programming the ARDUINO controller for control via infrared.

Controller arduino

Advice from our portal - before you start to do something, you need to have an idea of ​​the ultimate goal, otherwise from the possibilities and principles of implementation, your head can go around and your efforts will dissipate, not reaching what you want. Good luck with your future projects. We hope you enjoyed our article on how to make remote control lighting with your own hands and what are the systems for implementing this project.

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