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Resistance is the property of a material to prevent the flow of electric current. It can be active (for resistors) and reactive (for capacitors and inductors). They differ in that the former converts energy into heat, and the principle of reactive energy is to prevent the flow of current as a result of the transfer of energy from an electric (in capacitance) or magnetic field (in inductance) and is observed only in alternating current circuits.

As a result of these interactions, the current phase deviates from the voltage phase, proportional to the reactance value. At the same time, in capacitive circuits, the current is ahead of voltage, and vice versa in inductive circuits. This phenomenon is used when feeding three-phase motors from a single-phase network (including capacitor ones), as well as when feeding gas-discharge lamps (inductor and EMR). This value depends on the frequency of the supply voltage, which is a consequence of the laws of switching and the magnitude of the EMF self-induction on the inductance.

Let's talk about how to calculate the reactance or capacitance of a capacitor. To perform the calculation manually, use the formula:

Formula for calculating capacitance

If we consider it in more detail, then the resistance is inversely proportional w and capacities C. In turn angular frequency w (measured in radians or degrees per second - rad / s) is equal to the product 2pf, where f is the cyclic frequency (once per second or Hz).

To calculate the resistance of a capacitor using an online calculator, you need:

  1. To choose the dimensions for the input data and results, it is important to prevent errors during their further use.
  2. Enter known data.
  3. Press the “calculate” button opposite the desired value.

Moreover, our calculator allows you to calculate online each of the components of the formula, depending on what data is entered, and this is very convenient when calculating the electrical circuit or circuit.

Unit for calculating capacity:

kHz, nF, Ohm
MHz, pF, Ohm

Units when calculating inductance:

kHz, mH, Ohm
MHz, μH, Ohm

Signal frequency

Value (capacitance or inductance)


You should also talk about how the reactance of the inductor is calculated. For inductors of all types, the following formula is true:

Throttle reactance formula

Then the total value increases in direct proportion to the rate of change of current and the magnitude of the inductance.

To use the online calculator in calculations, by analogy with the previous one, you need:

  1. Choose dimensions.
  2. Enter known data.

After that, the required parameter of the electric circuit will be calculated. We hope the online reactance calculator we provided was useful for you!


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