Causes of fire wiring in the apartment

Faulty wiring is a serious danger to people and structures, because in most cases it is a hotbed of ignition. In the event of a fire from the wiring, the first thing they try to find out is who is to blame for this and at whose expense it is necessary to carry out restoration work. Next, we consider the main causes of fire wiring and methods of protection against this dangerous situation.

Reasons for ignition of electrical wiring

In case of neglect of safety measures, a fire may occur. It can also lead to serious consequences by electric shock. The most popular causes of ignition wiring, we will consider below.

Technical difficulites. It is important to monitor the status of the entire network wiring, as well as their connections. This includes the main and switchboard, because it is in such places that the main cable routes are fed, and various protective devices are installed. All devices must be operational. In advance, backup shields should be installed in the shields, which can be used in case of any dangerous situation (for example, protection against short circuit). In general, ignition of the wiring is possible due to poor contact, so you should pay special attention to the joints of the wiring. For safety and reliability during operation, it is necessary to install residual current circuit breakers in an apartment, in a factory or in workshops, especially where there is high humidity.

Moving smoothly from one reason to another, it should be noted that often the ignition of wiring in the apartment is due to the fact that wrong circuit breakers. The fact is that the purpose of the machine in the shield is to instantly work with a short circuit or overload in the network. So with regard to overload, when choosing a circuit breaker, you need to pay attention to the rating of the machine corresponding to the cross-section of the wiring for which it is installed to protect. Otherwise, when overloaded, the cable in the wall will start to melt and may catch fire, and the machine will not work, or will work when it happens short circuit, which may be too late and still entail a fire in the house or apartment.

Electrical panel fire

Incorrect or unsafe operation. Each device has a load limit. The cause of the fire may be the connection of various splitters or extension cords to the same outlet. Damaged plugs or instrument cords are a major hazard. If a little time after the inclusion of some electrical appliance in the network, the plug or splitter heats up, this means that there is a problem in the contact connections.

Tee is on

Lighting group malfunction. Lighting devices over time become the cause of the outbreak.For example, it is necessary to protect the incandescent lamp from splashes, and the switch from moisture.

Technical malfunctions include connection of aluminum wire with copper. Even if everything is correctly connected and the neutral wires are connected with a special strip, a fire of the electrical wiring may occur. A bracket made of brass material is not suitable for such compounds, because over time it oxidizes and aluminum and brass heat up, which leads to fire. If such a connection was inside the flap made of flammable plastic, then the consequences will be even worse, because instead of obstructing combustion, it begins to melt and maintain the focus. It is possible to connect aluminum with copper, if in no other way it is possible to carry out electrical installation. However, the connection must be either through special terminal blocks WAGO or using special sleeves.

Consequences of the compound of aluminum and copper

Another reason is low-quality and old sockets. After all, the plug itself must tightly go into the outlet. If the plug heats up or sparks, the outlet must be changed immediately. It’s better to pay a little more, but buy a quality outlet. Although in appearance they may be the same, still in cheap models the plastic heats up and lights up, and the contacts do not have compression springs. About, how to choose sockets and switches, we told in a separate article.

Poor outlet

The next reason is old aluminum wiring. In old multi-storey buildings, switchboards are located on the stairwell. Often they are in very poor condition, so there is a particular risk of fire. Also, in most old houses, the wiring has never changed, which means that it has already outlived itself, the insulation becomes unusable, and, accordingly, does not protect against a short circuit in the wall. To this we can add that now they use electric appliances much more than before, therefore the load increases on old wires, which can be aluminum and withstand small loads.

Today there is a problem low-quality electrical goods. These products do not withstand the load declared by the manufacturer. It is often necessary to troubleshoot a house or apartment, where only recently changed the wiring. After about a couple of years, the cable insulation cracks and begins to crumble, and this inevitably leads to a fire.

Clearly, some causes of fire wiring are discussed in the video:

Fire Prevention

Various protective measures should be applied to save the wiring in good condition, for example, lay it under the plaster, and not under easily flammable building materials. As for the shields, it is better to choose them from metal or non-combustible plastic - this will serve as protection against the spread of fire. About, how to choose an electric shield, we described in detail in a separate article.

Metal electrical panel on the street

It’s also important to do at least once a year wiring audit: View all wire connections in sockets, switches, junction boxes and in the electrical panel itself. The timely detection of poor contact and melted wires is one of the effective ways to protect against fire.

Tightening screw clamps

If the wiring is old, be sure to replace it with a new one at the nearest repair. Cracked insulation, old sockets designed for less current load, plugs in the shield. All this can cause a fire at any time. If there is no opportunity to invest in replacement wiring in the apartment, Be sure to install the machines and RCDs in the shield. They will save you from the fire at the right time. It is also desirable in wooden houses to put a fire protection RCD on 100 or 300 mA as an additional measure of protection.

On fire RCDs are described in detail in the video:

In addition to all this, it’s important to know and never repeat typical wiring errorsthat we wrote about separately.For example, poorly made twisting can cause a short circuit and further ignition of the electrical wiring. Therefore, twisting does not need to be done at all.

And of course, if the apartment smelled of burned wiring, and you yourself are not able to find and fix the malfunction, be sure to call an electrician, after disconnecting the machines in the shield.

How and what to put out a burning electrical wiring

To extinguish burning wiring, it is necessary to use special effective fire fighting agents. It is necessary to understand well what to do, how to extinguish, what should be the procedure and what fire extinguisher is applicable when extinguishing wiring.

The first thing you need to know is that if the wiring is energized, it is strictly forbidden to extinguish it with water. Due to the fact that water is an ideal conductor of current, the one who will water with water will definitely get an electric shock. If it is possible to turn off the power, you can use sand, water or a fire extinguisher. However, in cases where it is not possible to turn off the power, only a class E fire extinguisher is used.

Fire classes

To extinguish burning electrical wiring, carbon dioxide, aerosol and powder extinguishing agents are used. They are used for extinguishing under voltage up to 1000 volts. If the voltage is higher, the mains should be disconnected. In no case should you use a foam-air or foam-chemical fire extinguisher for extinguishing under voltage. More about what fire extinguishers are used to extinguish electrical installations, we told in a separate article.

So we examined why there is a fire wiring in the apartment and how to protect yourself from this dangerous situation. We hope that the information provided was useful to you and made you think about implementing a number of recommendations!

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