Advantages and disadvantages of LED lighting

After the appearance of LED equipment in the domestic market, both experts and consumers themselves have repeatedly focused on the advantages and disadvantages of this type of lighting. This question is open to this day, however, diode lamps are increasingly being introduced into our lives. Next, we will consider the pros and cons of LED lighting in the apartment.


Compared to traditional lighting sources, LED lamps have a number of functional and operational advantages, among which the following should be especially noted:

  • directional light flow makes it possible to organize an attractive decorative illumination of any elements from stadiums to window sills;
  • in the fixtures there are no flickers or color differences, as individual power stabilizers are built into them;
  • LED devices consume 75% less energy, which is the main advantage and makes them the most economical of their kind;
  • LED lighting color can be selected individually, taking into account the characteristics of the interior or exterior;
  • light bulbs do not contain any harmful chemical elements (chromium, mercury, etc.);
  • more universal lighting than LEDs, mankind has not yet invented.

You can clearly see the advantage of these light sources, in comparison with alternative options, in the picture below:

Pros of LED bulbs


However, even such a high-tech tool has its drawbacks, among which:

  • increased cost (on average, a LED bulb costs 2 times more than a conventional incandescent lamp);
  • LEDs, unlike traditional lamps, operate only at rated current;
  • since all LED lamps are characterized by directional light, it is practically impossible to get diffused, you just need to use additional filters;
  • LED lights have a flat emission spectrum.

Interesting video on the topic:

The opinion of experts

If you know and weigh all the pros and cons of LED lighting in an apartment, you can most likely choose the best option that will save energy and give the necessary light.

The opinion of experts

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  • Anton

    If the LED lamp burns less than 4 years, then it does not pay back its value. At me they all died from 5 months (Chinese) to 1.5 years (brand). The luminescent brand in the hall, for example, has been on for 7 years (I write the installation date on the base), but here the light is almost always on. Although a friend of the same brand died within half a year (an option that they began to do poorly so that sales were). So there is certainly luck, but I would not take LED in any case, if you do not have a stabilizer on the lighting line, because they puff at any difference in substations, especially cheap.

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    • Mike

      Diode can be repaired but in general, yes, diode lamps with ali have burned out during the year, one and a half is still garbage.Of the 9 purchased ice after repair, only one ice lamp survived, but of the remnants collected 7 Frankenstein are still working. Luminous for about 5 years in an old apartment.

      In addition, you need to take thin ice, otherwise the crystals will burn out or underestimate the stress yourself.

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