Why are there power surges in the network and how to deal with them?

Electricity is used everywhere. And no matter where a person lives in a private house or apartment - electricity is used regularly. For example, this is the lighting of the room, the use of various electrical appliances and all that simplifies the life of a person. But, unfortunately, the network is not always able to withstand even voltage. This adversely affects the operation of electrical equipment, sometimes it even leads to their breakdown. Power line swings are a sharp and instantaneous increase or decrease in voltage. This phenomenon significantly reduces the life of household appliances, so it is important to know how you can protect yourself from it. In this article we will tell you what to do if power surges are constantly observed in an apartment or private house.

Causes of differences

What causes such leaps? There are many reasons for this. It can be not only emergency problems. The reason for such jumps can also be natural and man-made. The main ones are:

  1. Disconnection from the network of several powerful electric appliances at once. The apartment building uses a huge amount of powerful electronic equipment. If in the house old wiringthen it is very dangerous. But such surges occur in homes of a new type. This is justified by the fact that the load was not designed for the use of strong devices, given the fact that the electric system in the new house uses the old one. This happens as follows: when consumers are turned on, the electric network feels a drop in current. If you turn off electrical appliances or one powerful device, then sudden jumps occur.
  2. Unstable operation of a transformer substation. Transformer substations that distribute and transport energy in power grids, as a rule, were built a very long time ago. Therefore, the equipment that is installed and used there has a lot of wear. In addition, most transformers, due to increased use of electricity, operate with constant overload. As a result of this, unforeseen failures occur at substations, and, consequently, power surges and power surges.
  3. Electrical network, and failures in its work. All cities and villages in the country are shrouded in a huge number of power lines. Today's world is not able to exist without electricity. But the power grid, which was built many years ago, is not improving, but, on the contrary, is becoming unusable. And this means that accidents, line breaks and short circuits are a completely normal reaction of transmission lines, the consequences of which are not good. Such accidents lead to consequences such as power surges and power surges.
  4. Zero break or ground loosening. Electricity parameters can change due to a zero break.This is one of the most dangerous accidents that causes a big change in the transmission line. As a result, all electrical equipment that is plugged into the outlet burns out. Even the one that does not work, but just connected.

What damage can the races cause?

An electric network, the voltage in which constantly surges, carries a threat to household appliances. And since household appliances are very expensive, the question of protecting it from sudden changes is very relevant today. If the power supply is of poor quality, then the voltage can reach 380 V, and decrease to 180 V. This is when the norm is 220 V with a permissible error of 10%.

Failure of household appliances

But such tolerances can cause a lot of trouble in people's lives. Maybe for household appliances this entails only a decrease in the operating life, but for such devices where the exact value is important - this is already a big problem. For example, it can be laboratory or any medical equipment, various production equipment. Power surges entail serious damage.

How to deal with this phenomenon?

What are the methods to combat voltage drops and what to do to solve this issue? Of course, the most optimal way is if the power grid of one house and its distribution system are completely replaced. After all, if completely replace wiring in the apartment, then this will not save her from the drops.

In order to make the consequences of jumps in the transmission line less damaging, several solutions are used:

  • Relay. When the voltage changes, this device disconnects electrical appliances from power. When the parameters stabilize, the relay automatically connects the devices to the network.
  • Stabilizers. About, what are voltage stabilizers, we told in the corresponding article.
  • Uninterruptable power source. Instructions for UPS choice for home we also provided on the site!

Protection of equipment from power surges with the help of these devices will be the most optimal solution. In order to decide which device is better to choose, we recommend watching this video:

How to compensate for the damage?

Do not know where to go and where to complain in case of failure of household appliances that have broken as a result of power surges in the transmission line?

Energy and housing offices are responsible for this. Therefore, first of all, you need to go there. As soon as such an unpleasant moment occurred, you must immediately go or call the Housing Office and leave a request. After fixing the damage on paper, you should go to court.

The current power grid is constantly malfunctioning. And so that such a network with its problems does not cause damage to property, it is necessary to try to protect it with special devices. If nevertheless this happened and the differences disabled the household appliance, then you should write a statement in the housing office. After all, they are responsible for the electric network and its stable operation.

So we examined what causes voltage surges in the power grid and how to deal with them. We hope the information provided was useful to you!

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  • Nelya

    When there are power surges throughout the village, then this article is understandable. And if the power surges are only on one street? Then what’s it? A lot is connected to our transformer. Well, so what. Why should the residents of our street suffer? Everywhere there is light, and we?

    To answer
    • Denis

      I myself want to figure out what the problem is. I live Street Trade Union House 25, the House is only 9 years old, I live the same when settled, before there were no such jumps, Recently, jumps began to appear, the light turned off for three seconds in the house, then turned on, this year it turned off every week, at different times, especially in the evening.

      To answer
      • Svetlana

        In Novosibirsk, Karl Liebknecht Street has the same problem. They wrote a complaint to the power engineers, but they received neither a response nor a greeting. I’ll go to the prosecutor’s office

        To answer
      • Igor

        Found a reason? we have the same problem, in the evening, usually after 21.00 the light flashes like a traffic light

        To answer
    • Denis

      Good day to all!

      If you are faced with power surges on only one street, then the main reasons (in my experience) may be 3:

      1. Bad contact on the 0.4 kV OHL at the connection to the main line outgoing from the transformer substation.

      2. There are no repeated grounding of the neutral conductor on your line, which leads to a loss of zero and voltage surges and voltage dips, especially in the evening when the load on the network is maximum, because everyone gathers at home and includes electrical appliances.

      3. Insufficient conductor cross-section with excessive load. In fact, the diameter of the conductor, as well as the diameter of the water-perforation pipe, provides throughput. If it is not enough, then we have the problem indicated above.

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  • Igor

    It is not said about the main source! Carrying out welding work by home craftsmen!

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  • Alexei

    It is not said about the amount of refrigeration equipment on the line. When a retail outlet called Meat Paradise appeared in a neighboring apartment, in my apartment there were constant power surges in the household network, the oops fixes above 240 volts. At that moment, when the neighbors' refrigerators turn off, there are a lot of them in the treshka ...

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