How to connect an infrared heater?

How to connect an infrared heater?

How to install and connect an infrared heater yourself. Video tutorial on installing IR panels and a connection diagram to a thermostat and network.

Cable heating of water pipes

Cable heating of water pipes

Do you want to make heating of water pipes with a cable? Check out our website for instructions on how to install a heating cable for a water pipe yourself!

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In order to make electric heating with your own hands, it is enough to choose the right type electric heater and connection diagram. The rest is quite simple: a boiler is installed, a heating main is installed, all elements are connected and the system is launched. So that every home electrician can independently perform the installation, in this section we have prepared step-by-step instructions with photos and video tutorials, which clearly explain each stage of the work.

If you want to make electric heating in a private house, we recommend choosing a pipe system with an electric wall-mounted boiler. A simple calculation of the power of an electric boiler - per 10 square meters. m. rooms need at least 1 kW. There are also induction and electrode boilers about which we wrote in detail in the section electric heating, however, such models of heaters are best used in the country and in the outbuildings. For the installation of the circuit throughout the house, it is recommended to use polypropylene pipes, which are quite simply connected by a special soldering iron. The heating scheme is better to choose a two-pipe with natural circulation and lower wiring.

If you want to make autonomous heating of the apartment with electricityWe recommend you to choose a warm floor system, convectors and infrared panels. When the heating season has not yet begun, using these devices you can get out of the situation and warm all the rooms well.

At the cottage, you can use any of the existing options. If there is no gas, a smart solution would be installation of convectors and IR panels. If there is gas, you can make heating using a boiler. Also do not forget about the floor heating system with a heating cable, which is equally effective in coping with the task.

In general, as you can see, the installation of electric heating can be done in different ways, depending on the type of premises, the amount of money and other factors. If you have any difficulties at any stage, ask them to our specialists in the comments under a similar post. Team my.electricianexp Will try to help you do the electric heating yourself without much effort!

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