How to install Armstrong lamp

How to install Armstrong lamp

DIY Armstrong lamp installation instructions. Wiring diagram and installation of the housing in the suspended ceiling. Video tutorials on the topic.

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In order to independently organize a room or street lightingFirst of all, you need to choose the right fixtures. In this section of the site we tried to collect all the most important information about lighting devices for the house, apartment and street.

If you do not know how to choose the fixtures in the room, check out our tips for choosing a quality chandelier, sconce, floor lamp and even spots. Instructions include not only the text part, but also visual photos examples, on which you can see how this or that option will look in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room.

We paid special attention to questions on the installation and connection of lamps in the house, apartment and on the street. Not everyone knows how to remove the chandelier from the ceiling or connect a sconce. To make the information easier to understand for beginners, we have prepared typical wiring diagrams, as well as installation video tutorials.

Well, the last moment, about which we think we should definitely tell, is the technology of repairing a chandelier, sconce and other lighting devices. For example, if you don’t know, how to repair a garland, just read the corresponding article and watch the video instructions for it.

The material provided will allow you to learn all about the fixtures for the home, apartment and street. If any moment was not clear to you, be sure to ask our masters a question under the corresponding article or in the category Question answer!

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