How to make beautiful lighting in the gazebo?

Lighting the summer gazebo is easy to do with your own hands, because all you need is to get the wire from the distribution panel and connect it to the light switch (the simplest option). It is much more difficult to think over the backlight scheme, choose the right lamps and determine the most suitable places for their installation. Next, we will talk about the most interesting lighting ideas and provide readers my.electricianexp best photos of existing projects.

Backlight Options


General is used to illuminate the entire building inside. Here it is necessary to take into account the fact that it is customary to relax in a summerhouse, spend romantic evenings and gatherings with friends. That is why fixtures should not strain eyesight with a bright light stream. It is recommended to give preference to those products that are able to evenly and diffusely illuminate the building inside.Cozy sitting area


Many people like to practice their favorite hobby in the gazebo, which requires high-quality light (for example, when embroidering or reading books). That is why at the same time as general illumination, it is necessary to think over the local one, which can be switched on if necessary. In this case, directional lamps suitable for changing the lighting area at any time are suitable.Stylish directional light


Well, the last option for lighting the gazebo is decorative, which is responsible for the appearance of the building at night. In this case, it is recommended to install the same fixtures that are used for the rest of the garden buildings and the apartment building. A popular option is to install a hidden backlight cornice, garlands, as well as Chinese lanterns. The last option will be a decoration not only at night, but also in the daytime.The use of garlands

Using LED Strip

Lighting installation schemes

From what type of lighting in the gazebo you give preference, the layout of the fixtures will also depend. Consider the most popular options:

  • Chandelier Connection in the center of the ceiling. In this case, a general light is created in the building. The option is the simplest, but at the same time not quite comfortable, because There is no way to further illuminate a specific work area.Decorative chandelier
  • Connecting a ceiling lamp and several wall products. This option is more common and acceptable among the population. The popularity is due to the fact that the lighting of the gazebo can be controlled by amplifying the light with wall lamps. In this case, it is recommended to install a two-gang switch to separately control each group of luminaires.Flashlights on the posts
  • Installation of spotlights around the perimeter of the ceiling. The modern solution allows you to evenly illuminate the entire area of ​​the gazebo. There are many advantages for point products: they are easy to install, do not take up much space and also significantly save energy (if LED lamps are used).Spotlights
  • Installing hidden ceiling lights. Another modern option for lighting in the gazebo, which allows you to create a cozy atmosphere with subdued light. The only drawback is that the LED strip will not create bright lighting, so you are unlikely to read a book unless you add several wall lamps to the project.Hidden roof lighting
  • Sconce connection on each wall. In this case, a romantic atmosphere is created, especially if the sconces have a beautiful appearance. The advantage of this option is that you can make lighting in the gazebo even without wires, buying a sconce on batteries.Sconces

Useful Tips

After you decide on the layout of all the luminous objects, you will need to proceed to the installation of lighting. To ensure that this event is safe, and the work done is not in vain, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following tips:

  1. Select fixtures based on the design of the gazebo. If the building is closed, indoor lamps are suitable, if open - street lamps with a certain degree of protection.
  2. Use light bulbs that emit warm, diffused light. Cold shades will strain your eyes, which will negatively affect your rest.
  3. Choose the right bulbs. For example, incandescent lamps cheap, but quickly burn out, at the same time, LEDs have a high cost, but also a long service life.
  4. To make the interior of the building original and at the same time take care of the lighting in the gazebo, make a lamp yourself. Here are some ideas you can find on the Internet:
  5. Remember that wooden arbors are fire hazardous buildings, therefore, when laying the wire and installing fixtures, observe the requirements similar to installation of electrical wiring in a wooden house. In short, the cable should pass in a protective non-combustible corrugation, and wire connection method It must be of high quality (vago terminal blocks or soldering).
  6. To create multi-colored illumination in the gazebo, use RGB lamps, to create a cozy yellow light, incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps yellow glow.RGB spotlight
  7. The glow area of ​​all products should be only within the recreation area. If the bulbs will cover the territory of the garden or flower beds, you only overpay for electricity.
  8. Set the ceiling lamp in the center of the gazebo, and to create a romantic atmosphere, place a few candles in suitable places.Candles in jars
  9. Fix the pendant lamp on the ceiling, which can change the installation height. If you raise such a product to the ceiling, you can make diffused light by lowering it down - concentrated on the table.Pendant lamp
  10. Choose only quality products. Cheap Chinese products are the cause of spontaneous combustion of wiring, as well as the rapid failure of lighting.

We also recommend that you look at the original idea of ​​creating a lamp for a gazebo with your own hands:

How to make a ceiling lamp from improvised means

Interesting ideas

And finally, we bring to your attention interesting photos of lighting in the gazebo:

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Using LED Strip

How to make a ceiling lamp from improvised means

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